You can now register and book your classes online. Please arrive at least 45 minutes before class to register, or if you have registered online then arrive 30 minutes in advance. 
Our £40 introductory offer is valid for 20 consecutive days, one visit per day, from the day of your first visit or first booking, whichever comes first.
We provide full shower facilities, including hair dryers.
Clothing that is close-fitting, breathable and lightweight. Avoid baggy clothing.
Women wear sports tops and bottoms.
Men wear shorts or swim trunks.


Photo I.D. (first time only)
A bottle of water (at least 1.0L) - can be purchased at the studio.
Two large towels (one for the yoga room, one for a shower) - can be rented.
Yoga mat - can be rented.

Stay well hydrated before class.
Do not eat large meals or drink coffee within
2-3 hours leading up to class.
Avoid alcohol prior to class.

  Class Shots
Be prepared to work hard, sweat and have fun!