Jivamukti, An Introduction

We’re excited to announce our first Workshop event of 2018, Jivamukti, an Introduction, to get you flowing into Spring!


24 MARCH 1:15PM-3:45PM

Canary Wharf Studio

£25 to Attend

Join us for a special Jivamukti workshop, led by two hugely inspirational BYL teachers, Annalisa Tiranti and Beth Crivelli. Held at our Canary Wharf studio on Saturday, 24 March, ‘Jivamukti - An Introduction’ explores the dynamics of Chatturanga, Upward & Downward Facing Dog, Warrior 1 & 2, and Triangle. Learn to align movement and breath to create a seamless flow of asanas, while deepening the connection between body & mind via conscious, steady breath. ALL levels are welcome, Beginners to Advanced!

This workshop is a must-attend event if you'd like to learn the basics of the unique Jivamukti style or go deeper into your postures, benefitting from hands-on instruction from two highly experienced and caring BYL teachers.


Jivamukti emphasizes physical, spiritual and ethical aspects of the practice of yoga, accompanied by exuberant, eclectic music. Immerse yourself in a flowing Vinyasa-style sequence, experiencing Sanskrit chanting, breath awareness, meditation and relaxation. BYL has taken Jivamukti practise to an entirely new level by adding our specialised heat to ensure a lovely Jiva sweat! 


Hurry, Book Now - £25 For Full 2 1/2 Hour Workshop!

Our Jivamukti workshop is being offered at only £25 and spots are beginning to book up! ALL levels are welcome, Beginners to Advanced! Book a Spot!



13:15 - 15:45

This event runs from 13:15 on Saturday until 15:45 on Saturday