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Are you a yoga beginner?

Relax, you are going to absolutely love the benefits which are about to come. As with any new experience, it may indeed be challenging. If it weren’t, then it wouldn’t have its powerful and beautiful transformational capability! Regardless of your age or level of fitness, enjoy the journey to a healthier, fitter, more relaxed you with Bikram Yoga London!



BRING Government issued photo I.D. (at your first visit only);

Note, All of the following may also be rented/bought at the yoga studios.

  • Water (bring from home or buy at studio)
  • Two Large Towels (one for the yoga room, one for a shower. Bring from home or rent at studio)
  • Yoga Mat (bring from home or rent/buy at studio)
  • Cash is no longer accepted. Please bring a debt/credit card for any items you wish to rent/buy.


You will need clothing that is close-fitting, breathable and lightweight for your hot yoga class. Avoid baggy clothing. Women wear sports tops and bottoms. Men wear shorts or swim trunks. Note, if you don’t have the right gear, don’t worry as our fully stocked retail section features the latest yoga fashions and sticky mats, all designed for your hot yoga practise.


Free mid-sized lockers are available at both our locations and work as follows:

  • At Canary Wharf lockers work with electronic pass codes
  • At London Bridge, you’ll need a small padlock which you can bring or buy at the studio


  • Stay well hydrated before your class and ensure you’re not hungry.
  • For a last minute energy boost, have a banana before class, or grab one of our protein bars – you’ll burn through those calories fast in class.
  • Avoid large meals and caffeine in the 3 hours before attending yoga class.
  • First timers should arrive at least 45 minutes (30 minutes if you’ve registered online) ahead of your first visit with a valid government issued photo ID to complete your registration. There is no entry once class has started.
  • Note, for the first (early morning) class of the day, please arrive at least 15 minutes early as there are some days when the teacher may perform the class check-in and will lock the doors promptly at the start of class.


  • Treat the yoga postures as a journey, not as a destination. Listen to your body, and don’t expect it will all come at once. While some postures may come easily to you, many will take time to develop, which is something even the most advanced yogis will attest to!
  • It’s OK to sit out postures if you need to. There may be days you feel like you can conquer it all, and others where you’re wondering why it seems so darn hard to balance on one leg! In our Bikram classes, if you need to rest during the standing series, either stand still or take a knee. In the floor series, simply lie down and remain still. For our non-Bikram classes, simply lie down or take child’s pose. The teacher will be more than happy to guide you.
  • Ensure you have filled out our new client Registration Card and responded to all the health questions. If you have any significant health issues it is particularly important that you’ve been cleared for exercise (including the type we offer) by your physician.  Don’t push into pain. It’s important to note the difference between good pain (e.g. normal soreness from when you’ve put your muscles through their paces), and bad pain (typically, sudden, sharp and breathtaking). When in doubt, go slow, and if needed sit out postures. Respect your body for what it is able to do offer each day, and always follow instructions;  you’ll enjoy a lifetime of benefits that come with a safe and life-changing practice.
  • If you’re coming to yoga to heal an injury, Yoga and Pilates can be highly effective injury recovery methods, creating core strength and posture alignment, and increasing blood flow to joints to help heal them. Many people experience benefits in healing back and neck issues, detoxifying, and healing joints. Approach your practice as a journey, one step at a time. Confirm in advance with your physician that you are safe to practice, and always let your teacher know if you have an injury.




WE’RE HERE TO HELP YOU! Our welcoming staff, hot yoga teachers, and many inspiring members of our wonderful BYL community have created an atmosphere where you’ll be welcomed with as much support as you need to get you into the yoga mindset. Some hot yoga poses may be challenging at first, but you’ll soon start to see changes – in body and mind – and in time, you’ll start to discover the powerful benefits of yoga! FOCUS ON YOUR GOAL AND GIVE IT A CHANCE Whether you’re seeking to lose weight, get more flexible, detoxify, overcome an injury, illness or stress, or simply learn to convey deep tranquility in the ocean of chaos that is life, the important thing is to give yourself a chance, and give the process time. BEGIN WITH OUR UNBEATABLE INTRODUCTORY OFFER The best way to start is with our no-commitment INTRO OFFER! This gives you 20 consecutive days of hot yoga for just £40. Give it a try, start your Bikram journey and tell us how it goes! Ready?





It’s a no-brainer. More yoga is always better than less! If you’re new and thinking about trying out one of our hot yoga classes to ‘see how it goes’, go instead for our superb INTRO OFFER! This gives you a long and relaxed 20 DAY trial period to come to both our locations as often as you want – up to once a day in total – at a flat, introductory rate of just £40. This INTRO OFFER can only be purchased once, and only on your first visit to Bikram Yoga London. If you pass up the chance to buy it at your first visit, please note you won’t be able to purchase this in the future as it’s for first time visitors only! We offer this relaxed trial period of yoga as we know that it can take a few classes to get into the groove of your hot yoga practise. The first class can often be the most challenging, but you’ll quickly start getting used to the warmth and soon come to love it as you see your transformation unfolding! Get started with your INTRO OFFER.