Are you struggling to stay productive? We spoke to BYL community member and the HR Business Support Coordinator for the University of The Arts Organisational Development and Learning team, Dionne Grant, for her top tips on how to successfully work from home.

Create a designated working area

Working from home is hard. Netflix, the fridge and your family, easily give you a welcome distraction. We fantasized about this scenario in the past, the reality of maintaining productivity is far from easy. With the outbreak of COVID-19 it is important to keep up team morale.

Maintain Your Routine

Waking up and logging straight on to your laptop is not the best way to start your workday, mentally. Stick to your daily routine and wake up at least one hour before you are due to start work. Enjoy a healthy breakfast, take a long shower and prepare your mind for the day ahead.

Stay Active

Utilise the extra hour in the morning to start a meditation practice. Keeping your mindset healthy is important at a time like this. If you struggle to meditate, going through a few rounds of standing deep breathing, will calm your mind. Watch our IGTV video for directions on how to practice Standing Deep Breathing. For a meditation alternative, take a comfortable seat on a cushion, lie down on your yoga mat, and listen to our meditation playlist.

Create A Home Office

Set up a designated working area completely separate from your socializing space. Working from the kitchen table or your dining room will help to curb the level of distraction. Ask your children to make a ‘do not disturb sign’, and use this to signify your office hours.

Take Your 1-Hour Lunch Break

Set a clear boundary between your working hours and the end-of-play. Log off during your lunch break to eat a healthy meal. Stay well hydrated and stick to your mandated workday.

Set Your Daily Work Schedule

Divide your workday into blocks and write down all the tasks you need to complete. As you finish each of your tasks tick it off your list. The sense of accomplishment will increase your level of productivity. Allocate an amount of time to complete each task. This will help you to keep a track of how much time you are wasting procrastinating.

Stay Connected To Your Team

It is important to engage with the outside world beyond the news and social media. Turn on your camera during a conference call, this will increase the feeling of camaraderie. Speak to colleagues via live chat to compare your day.

Do Not Turn Your TV

Daytime television is your downfall. It will slow you down and extend your workday.