Special Anniversary Classes and Events Saturday 16 November!

at Canary Wharf & London Bridge

This November we are excited to announce the celebration of the 10th year since BYL was founded! To mark the occasion, we will be hosting special events and classes at both our Canary Wharf and London Bridge locations on Saturday, 16 November!

We’ll have healthy snacks, plus fabulous product samples from brands such as Ayurveda Pura, Neal’s Yard, Adam’s Chocolates, Bumblezest, byChloe, and Vitacoco!


On 14 November 2009, Bikram Yoga Canary Wharf was founded on the principle that everyone has the ability to achieve beyond what has been defined for oneself, limited only by personal imagination and drive.

“Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal.”~ Earl Nightingale

This statement defines BYL and our mission. Ten years ago, on 14 November 2009, two City professionals, Conny and Jay, traded in their careers to pursue the passion they loved. Bikram Yoga London opened its Canary Wharf location on the principle that every individual has the ability to achieve far and above beyond any artificial constraints that life, or others have set for them.

We believe this to be a worthy ideal, and one that continues to be realised each day, and with each story you share with us of your individual achievements!

When your dream is set, preparation is everything!

We are honoured at those who have taken steps towards achieving their own dreams through the empowering practice of yoga in our hot room. So many, of all ages and levels, have shed excess (sometimes lifelong) weight, overcome chronic injuries, reversed effects of aging, improved in flexibility and experienced the power of enjoying a calm and focused mind.

A healthy mind and healthy body form a strong foundation for any dream, and we’re here to help you with your journey!

We thank you, our yogis, for 10 amazing years!

Over the years, many of you have shared your stories about how your practice has opened your life to new possibilities that you discovered through improved health, confidence, and renewed passion for life.

While there can be many roads to finding one’s ‘mojo’, we aim to offer a method that in our experience simply works based on more examples than we can count!

Your success reinforces our purpose, and we thank you, our friends, our yoga family, our inspiring BYL community, for giving us the opportunity to walk the path along with you. Thank you for your inspiration, and we look forward to the next 10 years of dreams achieved!


All November Long!

As November is BYL’s Anniversary month, we would love to invite you to bring any friends who are on their first visit to our studios, and they enjoy their first class for just a fiver (yep just £5!)

You can bring up to 3 friends at a time and must attend with them.

Remember, your friends can also buy our 20 DAY INTRO OFFER and activate it in the future, but remind them that they must buy it on their very first visit!*

* Kindly note, the Friend for a Fiver offer and Intro Offer are only available to friends or family who have never visited our Canary Wharf or London Bridge studios. If your friend has visited us before, they are welcome to reach out to us for an alternative package, such as our £25 full Day Pass!

We hope you’ll join us on 16 November as we’ve got a jam-packed schedule at both our locations, with superb hot and warm yoga and Pilates classes plus beautifully calming meditation! Partner brands will be providing product samples and goodies, and we expect a lovely day to commemorate our founding 10 years ago!

Book in with any BYL membership or class pack,
or buy a full day pass for only £25!

> Buy an unlimited Day Pass*

Remember, classes can be booked using any current BYL package
(e.g. Intro Offer, subscriptions, Rolling Monthly, Drop-ins, 10/25 Class Passes, etc).

However, if you don’t have an active package, or your existing package only allows you to practice once a day and you’d like to attend more than one session, then pick up our special Day Pass which gives you full day access for only £25!

Ah, decisions…! Maybe you start the day with a morning Meditation, then catch a Bikram Yoga or Music Beats class, and finish off with the Warm Yin & Tibetan Bowls sound bath! It’s entirely up to you!

* Note, clicking the above link or image for the Day Pass will redirect you to our MindBody site where you can log in using your normal BYL access credentials.

8:00AM ~ Inferno Hot Pilates (60) – Canary Wharf
Justine Poulter
To kick off what promises to be an amazing day, Justine leads this challenging, full body, low impact, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) using Pilates principles. Hot Pilates strengthens muscles and burns fat, all without the pounding of a high impact workout.

It is designed for all fitness levels, but be prepared to burn up to 500 calories. The 1-hour class is held at 37 degrees!

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9:15AM ~ Morning Meditation (45) – Canary Wharf
Mel Sutton

Mel leads us through a beautiful guided meditation to soothe mind and soul. This immersive experience involves using spiritual, transcendental music, followed by total silence.

Through our practice we seek to enter into this silence. Between each thought is a gap, and as we meditate, we enter into this gap which is a place of potential and unbounded consciousness. With regular practice we can sew new seeds of our intentions and desires and begin to change our life in a positive and rewarding way.

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10:15AM ~ Bikram Music Beats (90) – Canary Wharf
Richie Caveney & Justine Poulter

Big news people! BYL bad boy Richie is back from exile down South, and badder than ever, ready to co-lead our Bikram Music Beats mid-morning blast!

His unbounded energy will no doubt be harnessed to perfection by experienced instructor, Justine, who can roll with the best of them! All we can say is you don’t want to miss this 90 minute Bikram Music thrill ride, and yes, we recommend booking fast!

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12:15PM ~ Yin with Tibetan Bowls (90) – Canary Wharf
Shona Langridge

Join us for our special Yin class with blissful Tibetan Sound Bowls, as we focus on healing and cleansing the 7 chakras. If you’ve never experienced sound bath, this is definiteily one you need to try!

This experience represents a chance to understand where and why blockages occur in our energetic bodies and how to release them through sound and Yin asanas. Work on deep Yin stretches, allowing the body to sink into gentle intensity in each pose to align energy channels. Warm, gentle and satisfying.

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2:00PM ~ Warm Jivamukti (90) – Canary Wharf
Chloe-Rose Campbell

BYL is blessed to have not one, but three superb Jivamukti teachers. Adding to the lineup of Annalisa and Aleksei, is Chloe, who melds charismatic teaching with a wonderfully intense, spiritual and memorable experience to lift your soul!

Immerse yourself in a flowing Vinyasa-style sequence, tranquil music with Sanskrit chanting, breath awareness, meditation and relaxation. Jivamukti emphasizes physical, spiritual and ethical aspects of the practice of yoga. Practiced at a moderate 35 degrees. Suitable for all levels.

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3:45PM ~ Yin Yang & Kirtan (2 hours) – Canary Wharf
Lizzie Pumer

A magical yoga journey with Yin and Yang elements, creating a balanced practice with powerful effect to improve your energy levels, followed by a beautiful kirtan!

Learn to connect with energy as it moves through your body. You’ll begin with a series of soft deep stretches on the floor, then transition into a series of standing postures to get the energy moving through the body. Later, back onto the floor, you’ll work on deep Yin stretches targeting areas below the navel, allowing the body to sink into gentle intensity in each pose to align energy channels.

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6:00PM ~ Bikram Music Beats Express (60) – Canary Wharf
Lizzie Pumer

Music and yoga are a powerful combination! Lizzie’s class is pure joy, as she combines the 60 minute version of the original hot yoga with an inspiring, uplifting soundtrack!

The class, performed to a funky, hot groove, is designed for ALL levels, Beginners to Advanced. During the session work out every muscle, tendon, joint, ligament, organ and gland while systematically moving oxygenated blood to every cell of the body.

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8:30AM ~ Bikram Yoga Express (60) – London Bridge
Richie Caveney

The inimitable Richie fires it up at London Bridge with a powerful Bikram Express class to kick it all off! Designed for ALL levels (as are virtually all our classes), BYL’s 60 minute express version is pure Bikram yoga in its most concentrated, joint-opening, muscle-toning, perspiration-inducing form!

Under the guidance of this entertaining QVC host and Bikram purist, rest assured the minutes are guaranteed to fly!

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10:00AM ~ Yin with Tibetan Bowls (90) – London Bridge
Shona Langridge

Shona leads a very special Yin class with blissful Tibetan Sound Bowls, focussed on healing and cleansing the 7 chakras.

Experience a chance to understand where and why blockages occur in our energetic bodies and how to release them through sound and Yin asanas. Work on deep Yin stretches allowing the body to sink into gentle intensity in each pose to align energy channels. The Tibetan Sound Bowls create a deep healing experience for the soul. Pure bliss..!

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12:00PM ~ Dynamic Vinyasa Flow (90) – London Bridge
Lizzie Pumer

Dynamic Vinyasa Flow synchronizes breath with movement to create flowing sequences of energy. Experience core yoga bliss as your body is challenged into deep stretches and effective shoulder, back and hip opening postures.

Our state of the art heating system regulates the room to a gentle 36-38°C degrees, synergising with the asanas, as Lizzie guides you through an exhilarating session designed to challenge yogis of all levels!

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1:45PM ~ Kundalini & Gong Bath (2 hours) – London Bridge
Brigita Zajanckauskiene

Kundalini is an all-encompassing practice that includes pranayama, asana, kriya, mantra and meditation. Rejuvenating, energising and healing, Kundalini profoundly transforms consciousness, bringing health, wellness and joy.

Emerge feeling utterly serene, refreshed and rejuvenated, with a renewed sense of calm and focus to move effortlessly, standing in your own unique power. Brigita concludes each Kundalini class with a beautiful Gong Bath featuring a 36 inch Earth Gong to help you experience the deeper connection of body and mind. Not to be missed!

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4:15PM ~ Bikram Music Beats (90) – London Bridge
Almania Colombo & Divya Malhotra

Bikram Yoga represents the core of our offering; it’s what we strive to teach to the highest level attainable.

Two BYL teachers who bring the experience to an entirely new level are two-time World Yoga Champion, Almania, and experienced yogini, Divya who landed from Mumbai with a huge impact, developing a fast-growing following at BYL. This special class is for all who want to experience the yoga we all love at its very best with not one, but two of London’s most inspiring teachers!

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6:00PM ~ Evening Meditation (60) – London Bridge
Mel Sutton

Mel returns for a beautiful guided evening meditation, this time one hour, ending on a note of pure serenity. This immersive experience involves using spiritual, transcendental music, followed by total silence.

Through our practice we seek to enter into this silence. Between each thought is a gap and as we meditate we enter into this gap, a place of potential and unbounded consciousness. The perfect way to end the evening following an amazing day of yoga!

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