SATURDAY, 5 October, 3:30PM – 6:00PM
London Bridge Studio


Want to improve flexibility in your spine while achieving deeper backbends in your Bikram Yoga practise?

JOIN US for Backbends, an Immersive Workshop, on Saturday, 5 October with 2007 World Yoga Champion Ky Ha at our London Bridge studio! Following last year’s hugely successful first ever backbending workshop, we’re now offering this special opportunity again!

The spine is designed to be flexible, allowing a greater and more fluid range of motion throughout the body, but for too many people it can often become more rigid due to poor posture, extended periods of sitting and an increasing trend towards a sedentary lifestyle.

This valuable workshop will teach proven techniques to allow you to go deeper and further in backbends, resulting in a healthier, more flexible spine!


Learn from BYL Senior Teacher and 2007 World Champion, Ky Ha

Discover how to develop deeper backbends, safely and effectively
> Explore the anatomy of the spine & key benefits of back bending
> Gain valuable tips & techniques to apply in your practise
> Align movement & breath to improve spine flexibility
> ALL welcome, Beginners to Advanced

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  • Event: Backbends, an Immersive Workshop
  • Date: Saturday, 5 October, 3:30PM-6:00PM
  • Teacher Ky Ha, Senior BYL Instructor
  • Location: London Bridge Studio
  • Rate: £30 for full 2 1/2 hour event

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Ky Ha, World Champion & Senior BYL Teacher

Ky started Bikram Yoga in 2003 to overcome serious inflexibility. Not one to give up easily, daily practice eventually led him to compete and win the 2007 World Yoga Asana Championships. As one of BYL’s Senior Teachers, Ky leads two of our three weekly Advanced Classes, as well as beginners classes.

He has coached numerous competitors such as 2009 men’s World Yoga Champion Dev Kapil, 2012 and 2014 women’s champion Gloria Suen, and 2016 women’s champion Almania Colombo (who leads a fantastic class of her own as a permanent feature on the BYL schedule).

Ky also serves as a judge for championships and leads seminars all around the world. Deeply dedicated and focused on using his expertise, knowledge and past experiences to help others achieving their goals, Ky has designed this workshop for all levels.

Beginners are absolutely welcome! Think you’re inflexible? Whatever your current level, come see what you are really capable of achieving!

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