SATURDAY, 23 March, 3:30PM – 6:00PM
London Bridge Studio


Want greater flexibility in your shoulders, spine and hips? Join our hands-on workshop at the London Bridge studio with international yoga competition judge, World Champion, and Senior BYL teacher Ky Ha!

Delve into Bikram postures and learn proven hip and shoulder opening techniques to go further in your practise!

Join us for this amazing workshop!

The spine is designed to be flexible, allowing a more fluid range of motion throughout the body, but for too many people becomes more rigid due to poor posture and an increasing trend towards a sedentary lifestyle.

Two areas of the body that people often seek to improve through yoga are the shoulders and the hips, which are key focus points in the Bikram Yoga practice.

This hands-on workshop is designed to complement and add to our recent Essentials workshop, progressing from back opening to hip & shoulder opening. Open shoulders allow for greater chest expansion, better posture and breathing, as well as increased movement in the neck and middle spine, while flexible hips help maintain proper lower back condition, muscle balance, greater lower body mobility and hip alignment.

Ky will analyse and explore specific Bikram postures and teach proven techniques to allow you to go deeper and further, resulting in a healthier feeling of overall flexibility. He will provide hands-on corrections and key tips to improve your flexibility, balance and strength. Postures will be explained and demonstrated in detail to help you improve your alignment and depth.

Building on prior workshops, Bikram Yoga Hips & Shoulders continues the journey into concepts you may (or may not!) have previously learned, allowing you to develop a more effective understanding of the connection between the spine, shoulders and hips. Whatever your level, and whether or not you’ve attended any of our past workshops, this is an excellent foundations workshop suited to all levels, Beginners to Advanced.

Please note, this workshop is for all levels, including yoga beginners!


Learn from World Champion and BYL Senior Teacher, Ky Ha

> Improve upper and lower spine through deeper shoulder and hip openers
> Delve into Bikram postures & learn methods to improve flexibility
> Watch demos and ask questions in a safe and fun environment
> Learn insider tips & techniques that can be applied easily to gain more mobility, stability and strength

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WORKSHOP: Bikram Yoga Hips & Shoulders
DATE: Saturday, 23 March, 3:30PM-6:00PM
LOCATION: Bikram Yoga London Bridge
BRING: Mat, Towel(s) and Water (can be rented at studio)
RATE: £30 for 2 1/2 hour workshop

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Ky Ha, World Champion & Senior Senior BYL Teacher

Ky started Bikram Yoga in 2003 to overcome serious inflexibility. Not one to give up easily, daily practice eventually led him to compete and win the 2007 World Yoga Asana Championships. As one of BYL’s Senior Teachers, Ky leads two of our three weekly Advanced Classes, as well as beginners classes.

He has coached numerous competitors such as 2009 men’s World Yoga Champion Dev Kapil, 2012 and 2014 women’s champion Gloria Suen, and 2016 & 2018 women’s champion Almania Colombo (who leads a fantastic class of her own as a permanent feature on the BYL schedule).

Ky also serves as a judge for championships and leads seminars all around the world.

Deeply dedicated and focused on using his expertise and knowledge to helping students from total beginners to world champions achieve their goals, Ky has designed this workshop for all levels.

Beginners are absolutely welcome! Think you’re inflexible? Whatever your current level, come see what you are really capable of achieving!

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