SATURDAY, 8 June, 1:45PM – 3:45PM
Canary Wharf Studio


Start your yoga journey the right way with our special yoga beginners workshop, on Saturday, June 8 at the Canary Wharf studio!

Not just for ‘absolute’ beginners! This workshop is designed for anyone who may be in their first few weeks or even months of practice, or possibly those who have practiced longer (even years!) they would benefit from having more guidance!

Asanas will be explained and demonstrated and you’ll be encouraged to ask questions! 

Free to INTRO OFFER Members

If you’re on the INTRO OFFER as of 8 June, this workshop is completely FREE for you to attend.

> INTRO OFFER CLIENTS: Book your spot (free)!*

Clients not on the INTRO OFFER as of 8 June enjoy a discounted rate of only £10

If you’re not a current INTRO OFFER member as of 8 June, then you can attend at the steeply discounted rate of £10 (note, our workshops generally run from £25-£55).

> NON-INTRO OFFER CLIENTS: Book your spot (£10)!*

Join us for this amazing workshop, everyone’s welcome!

Martin will analyse and explore specific Bikram postures and teach proven techniques to allow you to begin your yoga with an excellent basic set of instructions. He will provide hands-on corrections and key tips to improve your flexibility, balance and strength.

An excellent foundations level workshop, Bikram’s Beginners Basics Workshop commences your  journey into this groundbreaking world-famous yoga series, allowing you to develop a solid foundation on which to begin. This is a must-attend workshop for yoga Beginners!


Learn from BYL Teacher, Martin Weiser

Delve into Bikram postures & learn methods to improve flexibility
> Watch demos and ask questions in a safe and fun environment
> Learn insider tips & techniques that can be applied easily to gain more mobility, stability and strength

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WORKSHOP: Bikram’s Beginners Basics Workshop
DATE: Saturday, 8 June, 1:45PM-3:45PM
LOCATION: Bikram Yoga Canary Wharf
BRING: Mat, Towel(s) and Water (can be rented at studio)
RATE: Free to Intro Offer Members as of 8 June* £10 for everyone who is not on the Intro Offer as of 8 June

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* This workshop comes included (free) in any INTRO OFFER that is current as of the date of the workshop. If you do not have an active Intro Offer as of 8 June, you can enjoy this 2 hour workshop for a discounted rate of only £10.   Booking link will redirect you to our MindBodyOnline site. Simply log in using your normal BYL user id and password to complete purchase.



Martin Weiser, BYL Teacher

Martin’s teaches a detail-oriented class, focused on breathing awareness with lots of personal attention. Martin is also a qualified Ashtanga teacher who spends a month every year in India to work with his guru and will therefore be away from end of Jan to end of Feb. The former makeup artist is studying Hindi, holds a colony of Arabian spiny mice as pets and is a trained Bazooka marksman! Don’t ask.

After years of failed attempts at ‘getting fit’ and kicking bad habits, the strict routine, breathing exercises and mix of tension and release had me hooked. A class practicing yoga creates a special energy and never have I found myself in a more supportive and non-judgmental environment than a yoga school. I feel blessed to be part of a great community striving for health and self-awareness.