SATURDAY, 10 AUGUST, 3:30PM – 6:00PM
London Bridge Studio

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Want to bring your existing handstands up to new levels, or perhaps you’re a total newcomer dreaming of doing your very first handstand?

We are pleased to introduce a very special workshop, Handstands, Beginners to Advanced, with guest teacher Justin Garcia.

Whatever your current level of ability may be, BYL’s first ever handstand workshop is an unmissable one!

Whether you are a total beginner who wants help in getting into your first handstand, or can already perform a basic handstand and want to improve on it, this is definitely a great workshop for you to attend!

Is this particular workshop suitable for my level?

Handstands can seem unreachable for those who’ve never tried one, but with simple techniques and some basic dedication and confidence, learning handstands is well within reach for many who wouldn’t have thought it attainable!

While some of our attendees to this workshop may already have experience with handstands, many BYL yogis are new to them. Accordingly, there are no strict prerequisites for this workshop. While some attendees may have some familiarity with how to kick up against a wall, being able to do so is by no means a strict requirement.

The idea is to get as many people as we can to enjoy the liberating feeling of balancing on your hands, so no matter what your ability is you will take valuable lessons away from this workshop. All you need is a willingness work hard and be open to learning techniques that you can use to become a confident handstander!

Workshop Format

The workshop will start with a warmup and mobility work to prep for the handstands to come, so you’ll learn fun and highly effective warm ups in preparation for your handstands.

Justin will make an initial assessment of the room, organising people into groups based on level of ability. Whether you’re a complete beginner who wants to get comfortable with your first steps, or are already able to perform a handstand and want to begin pushing your ability to get to more advanced levels, there will be a group that is set for you.

This workshop will cover exercises that improve your balance, alignment and strength when in handstands, all of which will help to build confidence and a better quality of alignment in your handstand.

From different shape transitions to alignment and strengthening techniques, everyone will find a challenge and significant potential for improvement through this workshop.

Set a Goal Based on Your Current Level

Importantly, each level will have separate, specific goals to help further pursue their evolution, which means that every attendee, no matter what their current handstand ability, will come away with a practical lesson in how to get to the next level.

Justin will help you find exercises and techniques that match where you currently happen to be and will then support you to help take your handstand to the next level. Due to Justin’s structured method of teaching to small groups separated by level, spaces at the workshop will be strictly limited.

Workshop is for all levels, from beginners to more experienced handstanders.

Learn from Special Guest Teacher, Justin Garcia

> Learn key techniques to warm up in preparation for your handstand.
> Apply correct alignment for the most optimal handstand.
> Learn how to strengthen your body allowing ease of alignment.
> Progress up to the freestanding handstand.
> Gain confidence to approach your handstands with a positive mindset.
> Watch demos and ask questions in a safe and fun environment


Event: Handstands, Beginners to Experienced
Date: Saturday, 10 August, 3:30PM-6:00PM
Teacher Justin Garcia, Guest Teacher
Location: London Bridge Studio
Rate: £30 for full 2 1/2 hour event


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Justin Garcia, Guest Teacher

Originally from Southern California, and now based in the even hotter climate of Dubai, Justin is no stranger to warm environments, or to pushing his limits!

Justin is a winner of the ‘Battle of the Bars 2018’, and is also a former featherweight boxing champion who has always sought new personal challenges and experiences to share with his students.

Justin is really looking forward to visiting our London Bridge studio to get more of BYL’s yogis into becoming more confident and happy handstanders no matter where they are starting out!

Beginners are absolutely welcome! Whatever your current level, come see what you are really capable of achieving!


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