SATURDAY, 8 October 2022, 1:30PM ~ 7:00PM

⭐Early Bird Rate £45! (£55 after 23/9/22)


We are excited to announce that one of the world’s leading and most experienced teachers of Bikram Yoga, Los Angeles based Laju Choudhury, the daughter of two well-known yogis, will hold a special Workshop & Masterclass at BYL on 8 October.

For All Levels, Beginners & Up!

The Workshop & Masterclass is a must-attend event for anyone looking to improve their practice. An immersive 3-hour Key Postures Workshop will be followed by a special 2-hour Masterclass, both led by Laju, who is bound to inspire you with her deep knowledge and love of the original groundbreaking series. All levels, including (and particularly) beginners, are welcome to attend both the Workshop and the Master Class! Laju offers a wealth of experience and knowledge about the yoga and will share valuable insights and details about 10 Key Postures and the Bikram series in general You will come away inspired and enlightened, with great tips how to improve your postures and can expect to gain lots of new insights into the yoga, even if you’ve practiced for years.


The 3-hour workshop is an excellent foundations workshop suited to all levels. Postures will be explained and demonstrated in detail to help you improve your alignment and depth.After a 30 min break, the workshop will be followed by a 2-hour Bikram Master Class during which you will receive hands-on corrections, adjustments and explanations.

(The master class is included at no extra charge, however attendance of the master class is optional.) It will book up fast, so reserve your space now at the Early Bird Rate!You don’t want to miss this! All levels welcome, Beginners to Advanced!

Benefits of This Workshop
  • Take your practise to the next level with insider tips & techniques that can be applied easily to gain more mobility, stability and depth in your postures
  • Explore 10 key postures of the Bikram series in detail, including the proper set up and execution, as well as benefits and purpose of those postures
  • Receive hands-on corrections and key tips to improve your flexibility, alignment, balance and strength.
  • Watch demos and ask questions in a safe and fun environment
  • Participate in an extended master class following the workshop to apply your new knowledge
  • Learn from one of the World’s most senior instructors of Bikram yoga
  • ALL welcome, Beginners to Advanced

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Take this rare opportunity to join Laju’s Workshop & Masterclass at BYL.Snatch up the £45 Early Bird Rate through Friday, 23 September!


  • WORKSHOP: Bikram Yoga – 10 Key Postures 1:30 – 4:30 PM
  • MASTER CLASS: Extended Class with Corrections 5 – 7 PM
  • DATE: Saturday, 8 OCTOBER, 1:30PM – 7PM
  • LOCATION: Bikram Yoga Canary Wharf
  • BRING: Mat, Towel(s) and Water (can be rented at the studio)
  • ⭐ SPECIAL EARLY BIRD RATE: £45 if booked by Friday, 23/9 (£55 afterwards)

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Lajwanti Choudhury, aka Laju, happens to be the daughter of two rather well-known yogis, one of whom famously invented the original hot yoga, which transformed the lives of millions around the world.

As you may imagine, Laju grew up living and breathing Bikram yoga, practicing since the age of two and helping her parents out at the renowned Bikram yoga studio in Beverly Hills, CA, where she practised both the Beginners and Advanced series, eventually certifying as a teacher. She is now in high demand, teaching and hosting seminars around the world. Coming into her own as a person, teacher and lifelong practitioner, Laju embodies how the Bikram yoga practice can transform one’s life and heal both body and mind, regardless of age or ability.In August 2020, she founded Laced by Laju, a women’s apparel line where she serves as brand ambassador, teacher/trainer, and lead designer overseeing all daily operations. Taking the approach that personal action can create positive change, along with her mother, Rajashree, she has founded non-profit organisations in the U.S. and India to sponsor events and initiatives to actively help women and children, including a non-profit school for neglected, abused and at-risk girls.

Beginners are absolutely welcome!

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