Studio Announcement 20 March 2020

Dear BYL yogis,

You will likely have heard the government announcement made this evening that all bars, cafes, restaurants and leisure facilities will need to close as of tonight. Following this mandate, the studios will be closed until permission to reopen has been granted.

While things have moved very quickly, we have been planning ahead for this closure, and on a positive note are very pleased to inform you that we will very soon be moving our platform to our live streamed online classes, followed by on-demand classes.

We expect all of this to go live within days as we work through the final integrational issues. Once the system is active, we’ll send you the basic steps and you’ll be able to book your classes via our website using any valid BYL package.

We hope you will join us as we embark on our exciting new journey to experience yoga in a brand new way. We are one BYL community, regardless of whether or not we happen to be under the same roof.

Your support, through your memberships, is what keeps our community going as we work through the most challenging event of our times. For this, we are both honoured and deeply grateful.

For anyone who wishes instead to freeze their package, please email us if you haven’t already done so, and your freezing fees will be waived in their entirety during the period of the closure. Once we reopen, your package will be reactivated.

Enjoy your practice, and stay safe.

Conny, Jay & the BYL Team