Just as the Summer Solstice represents a turning point, yoga, and life involve change, opening up new opportunities to grow and explore. The London Bridge studio has undergone a remarkable transformation under brand new management (we’re not yet done!), and many yogis have been loving our new class styles as well as our totally redesigned studio look!


And the International Day of Yoga!

As a huge thank you for putting up with a long winter of studio redesign works at London Bridge, we’ve been looking for a reason to celebrate BYL style and as it so happens, the Summer Solstice represents the perfect opportunity!
As the first day of summer, the Solstice is is a very special day in the yoga calendar, and is therefore celebrated as the International Day of Yoga, where yogis from around the world join together in practice!

We’re excited to announce that BYL has a huge day of events planned at our London Bridge studio on Saturday, 23 June!

Enjoy a Day Packed with Special Events!

Get ready for a day filled with uplifting yoga, intense hot Pilates, two exciting workshops, nutritional treats, live music, and of course lots of joy and laughter to make this an event you’ll remember! Drop in for a body transforming class or exciting workshop, get a chance to meet our studio directors (and ask any questions, burning or otherwise!), and enjoy a variety of tasty and nutritious snacks from our partners! You can even enjoy a henna design to welcome the Solstice in style!

To book simply use your existing BYL package. If you don’t have one, pick up a special Day Pass for just £30 giving you full access all day long.

“Immerse yourself in a truly yogic atmosphere for the whole day! Enjoy the opportunity to be spoilt with delicious complimentary food, be inspired by leading teachers, try something completely new, or revisit an old favourite! Whether you have been practising yoga for years, or you are a complete beginner, there is something for everyone!”

Bring a Friend for a Fiver on 23 June!

Bring friends or family along for the fantastic day! To make it easy, we’re offering our unbeatable ‘Friend for a Fiver’ offer, so anyone you bring who has never visited the London Bridge or Canary Wharf studios can enjoy their first class for only £5!*


23 June ~ London Bridge Studio

Book any class or workshop with your valid BYL package (there’s no extra charge). If you don’t have a package, grab the special £30 Day Pass or any of our other BYL memberships such as the fantastic BYL Weekender!


8:30-9:30 Inferno Pilates with Fiona (80’s Accessories Optional!)

This very special day kicks off with our high energy Inferno Pilates class powered by an 80’s soundtrack! Big hair, cheap sunglasses or neon/pastel attire are of course optional (yes, simply wearing your normal yoga gear is fine too!) but anyone sporting any 80’s accessories for the Solstice class will enjoy a free Neal’s Yard Goodie Bag!

Inferno is a high energy, non-impact HIIT class that will blast your core! If you haven’t tried this new craze to hit Bikram yoga studios worldwide, come check it out!

Book it!


9:30-10:30 Breakfast from Primrose’s Kitchen

Having burned up to 1000 calories in the Inferno class, enjoy a complimentary, delicious, handmade, 100% natural Vegan and gluten-free Muesli or Granola power boost from the Naturopathy experts at Primrose’s Kitchen!

10:00-11:30 Yin Yang with Lizzie

Lizzie will lead you on a magical yoga journey combining both Yin and Yang elements in one class, creating a balanced practice with powerful effect to improve your energy levels!

Learn to connect with energy as it moves through your body. You’ll begin with a series of soft deep stretches on the floor, then transition into a more dynamic series of standing postures to get the energy moving through the body. Later, back onto the floor, you’ll work on deep Yin stretches targeting areas below the navel, allowing the body to sink into gentle intensity in each pose to align energy channels. Warm, gentle and satisfying.

Attendees enjoy a refreshing, complimentary Vita Coco after class!

Book it!

10:00 – 19:00 Henna Designs by Mateah

Note, in order to protect the flooring we are asking clients to take care to leave the premises as soon as your henna has been applied ensure all the paste has dried and been removed outside our premises. Designs from £3.50 (cash only).
Reserve your session on the day.


12:00-13:30 Bikram Yoga with Lizzie & Adrian – Optional Dress Code ‘Burning Man Festival Style’

BYL’s flagship practise, the original Bikram Yoga, is going to enjoy a double-header as dynamic teaching duo Adrian and Lizzie lead you through 90 minutes of pure Bikram!
For those who are prepared to get a little creative, the optional dress code is ‘Burning Man Festival Style’ which means just about anything that floats your boat! If you want to wear normal yoga attire, of course that’s fine too, but for those who feel like going a little Mad Max, here’s your chance! Free Neal’s Yard Goodie Bag for anyone who dresses up!

Book it!

13:30-14:30 Nutrition Break with Vegan Snacks

Enjoy a delicious complimentary after-class nutrition as Raw Living are going to be providing vegan bites, alongside scrumptious vegan Adams Chocolates! Stick around after class and enjoy these amazing treats from two brands that are at the forefront of the revolution!

14:00-15:30 Ayurveda & Learn to Massage Workshop with Dr Deepa Apte (Interactive)

Join our Ayurvedic and massage workshop with renowned expert, Dr. Apte of Ayurveda Pura,. Ayurveda is the ancient holistic health system which provides for excellent health, both physical and mental, by creating harmony between a person’s body and nature. Discover what your ‘Dosha’ is and which oils are best suited for you!

In the Massage element of the workshop you’ll learn techniques and practice them with your fellow yogis. Bliss, coming your way! Ayurveda Pura will also have a pop up shop on the day featuring their wellbeing products at discounts!

Book it!

14:00-16:00 Neal’s Yard Aromatherapy Blending Workshops

To add to an already rich day featuring top brands, we will be hosting an Aromatherapist from Neal’s Yard, who will give short talks on principles of Aromatherapy and blending.

The talk itself is free of charge, however as a very special treat, for a nominal fee of £10-£12 (cash only) you’ll be able to blend an oil for yourself to take home!

Book one of our complementary slots!

Neal’s Yard will also be offering a 15% discount on their products!

16:00 – 17:30 Introduction to Kundalini & Mantras with Brigita

It’s finally here, a chance to finally try Kundalini, on as a one-time special class for the Solstice. Learn to focus on chakra energetic centres and release blockages from knots, directing prana to help you achieve excellence in any sphere of life.

Experience include Kundalini mantras, kriyas for each chakra, initiation of chakras and spine movements as you draw energy from the root chakra to the crown. Enjoy a healing purification of nadis and a blissful savasana at the end!

Book it!

17:30 – 19:00 Early Evening Afterparty at London Bridge

Come join us for a relaxing wind-down as we partake in cooling sangria (virgin and non-virgin mixes available) to the hot rhythms of live music from artist Pete Black.
Pete has played for organisations such as 20th Century Fox, Google, Bvlgari Jewels, and Audi, and for celebrities such as Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, as well as appearing at the Ritz, Claridges, and Kensington Palace among many others.

This is not to be missed! Come, meet your fellow yogis in your beautifully redesigned yoga space as we enjoy a perfect end to an amazing day!


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There is no extra cost for any classes or workshops – simply book in with any valid BYL package. If you don’t have one, grab a special Day Pass,, or any of our popular memberships such as our BYL Weekender which gives unlimited access FRI, SAT & SUN!


Buy the BYL Weekender!

The BYL Weekender is one our most popular packages as it allows you to enjoy full access to our two prime locations, Canary Wharf and London Bridge on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Yes, every weekend is now a 3 day weekend, just as it should be! BYL has some of the hottest, most exciting styles, and the Weekender is a great way to enjoy lots of the best teachers and styles London has to offer!


*Terms: The Friend for a Fiver allows for purchase of one class at the special rate, has a limit of one per person, and is only available to those who have never visited either the Canary Wharf or London Bridge studios. Must be accompanied by a BYL member who is also attending class. The BYL Weekender gives FRI-SUN ‘unlimited’ access each week at both of our studio locations. The BYL Weekender is available for either £69/mo (6 mo min) or £59/mo (12 mo min) and requires a one month’s deposit. Class schedules are subject to change. Standard T&C’s apply.