Get your sweat on this Autumn

As we approach October’s halfway mark, things continue to heat up with busier classes, our final workshop of the year and special Halloween Candlelit classes at both studios! This edition of our newsletter provides some teacher news and updates on covers, as well as our Teacher Feature on our very lovely Almania Colombo!

We hope you enjoy this October newsletter!




SATURDAY, 17 November, 1:15PM – 3:45PM
Canary Wharf Studio


JOIN US for BYL’s special workshop, Hips & Shoulders with Sam Magee on Saturday, 17 NOVEMBER at the Canary Wharf studio! Enjoy a hands-on, immersive workshop with yoga book author, international yoga competition judge and Senior BYL teacher Sam Magee!

The spine is designed to be flexible, allowing a greater and more fluid range of motion throughout the body, but for too many people -becomes more rigid due to poor posture and an increasing trend towards a sedentary lifestyle. Two areas of the body that people often seek to improve through yoga are the shoulders and the hips, which are key focus points in the Bikram Yoga practice. This workshop is designed to complement and add to our recent backbending workshop, moving from back opening to hip & shoulder opening. Open shoulders allow for greater chest expansion, better posture and breathing, as well as increased movement in the neck and middle spine, while flexible hips help maintain proper lower back condition, muscle balance, greater lower body mobility and hip alignment.

In this special workshop, Sam will analyse and explore specific Bikram postures and teach proven hip and shoulder opening techniques to allow you to go deeper and further in your practise, resulting in a healthier body and greater feeling of flexibility overall. She will provide hands-on corrections and key tips to improve your flexibility, balance and strength. Postures will be explained and demonstrated in detail to help you improve your alignment and depth.

Building on prior workshops, Bikram Yoga Hips & Shoulders continues the journey into concepts you may (or may not!) have previously learned, allowing you to develop a more effective understanding of the connection between the spine, shoulders and hips. Whatever your level, and whether or not you’ve attended any of our past workshops, this is an excellent foundations workshop suited to all levels, Beginners to Advanced.

Please note, this is our final workshop for 2018 and is likely to up quickly, so reserve your space now!


Learn from BYL Senior Teacher Sam Magee

Improve the movement of your upper and lower spine by practising deeper shoulder and hip openers
> Gain a greater awareness of the Basic Bikram postures and learn techniques that can improve hip and shoulder flexibility
> Watch demos and ask questions in a safe and fun environment
> Take your practise to the next level with insider tips & techniques that can be applied easily to gain more mobility, stability and strength in your postures.
> ALL welcome, Beginners to Advanced



  • Event: Bikram Yoga Hips & Shoulders Workshop
  • Date: Saturday, 17 November, 1:15PM-3:45PM
  • Teacher Sam Magee, Senior BYL Instructor
  • Location: Canary Wharf Studio
  • Rate: £25 for full 2 1/2 hour event

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This Halloween, join our Spooky Candlelit Classes at Canary Wharf (Hot Power Flow, 7:15PM) and London Bridge (Bikram Yoga, 7PM).

As the weather cools and darkness fills the Autumn sky, join us on the night of All Hallows’ Eve for our SPECIAL Halloween Candlelit classes at both studios! At Canary Wharf, attend Hot Power Flow with DJ and inspiring yogi Andy, or at London Bridge attend Bikram Yoga (90) with Naomi.

To get into the spirit of the evening, you are welcome to wear a Halloween mask or costume, but doing so is entirely OPTIONAL!

There is no extra charge. Simply use any valid BYL package to book your place. Wednesday, 31 OCTOBER. We dare you….!

Special Halloween Candlelit Classes

  • Canary Wharf: Candlelit Hot Power Flow at 7:15pm  >Book
  • London Bridge: Candlelit Bikram Yoga (90) at 7pm  >Book


Brand New Ladies Showers Coming Shortly

As we look to the last stages of the redecoration at London Bridge, we are soon planning to schedule a refurbishment of the Ladies showers and powder room, along with new flooring in the changing rooms and a couple of other areas of freshening up. Where possible, works will be conducted in the evenings in order to minimise closure times. We are likely looking at commencing the ladies showers in December, for which dates will be announced shortly. Once the ladies showers and other final items are completed, we can enjoy a beautiful new space, with no further sign of contractors around (except those who practice with us)!



New Teaching Team on Thursday Eve in London Bridge

As requested by so many of you, we found a peak evening class for our lovely and hugely popular teacher, former World Yoga Champion and reigning European Champion, Almania. She will take over the 5PM class on Thursdays at London Bridge as of October. Find out more about her in her BYL Teacher Feature at the end of this newsletter!

We have more exciting news for all you Jivamukti lovers! All November, we are hosting a special guest teacher for the Thu 7 pm class and are inviting you to try Aleksei Zukov’s exhilarating and tantalizing Jivamukti class. Jivamukti is an ever-changing practice of classic hatha yoga techniques built on a spiritual framework, where one is immersed in a flowing Vinyasa-style sequence, tranquil music with Sanskrit chanting, breath awareness, meditation and relaxation. Jivamukti emphasizes physical, spiritual and ethical aspects of the practice of yoga.

We’ve long wanted to introduce Jivamukti to our London Bridge yogis, as it’s such a special yoga style, elevating Vinyasa flow to a new level and complementing it with the spiritual aspects of Jivamukti, which we believe will draw you in and make you come back for more. We are very excited to have been able to book Aleksei for this class. Our yogis are already raving about his offbeat yet totally immersive Vinyasa classes! Try it out through November and please email us your feedback!

About Aleksei:

Originally a Bikram yoga fanatic, practicing Bikram daily for an entire calendar year in 2009, Aleksei transitioned to Jivamukti and Ashtanga Yoga in 2010 and was certified to teach Jivamukti Yoga in 2013 by the creators of the Jivamukti style, Sharon Gannon and David Life in the U.S. He has extensive experience teaching in various countries and has developed an unconventional, yet intriguing style that has attracted many devoted yogis to his class. His challenging Vinyasa style asana practice stems from and reflects his background in martial arts and acrobatics.

Aleksei bases his classes on the 5 pillars of Jivamukti Yoga: Ahimsa (non-harming), Dhyana (meditation), Nada (sound), Shastra (scripture) and Bhakti (devotion). Aleksei is Estonian with Russian roots and loves vegetarian cooking, nature, calisthenics and being a father. Before he found yoga, he worked for the U.K. Defence Attache in Estonia and as a Maritime shipping agent. Um…don’t ask!


Hot Teacher News!

Guest teacher Kaya, visiting from Japan, is extending her stay in London through December and practicing and teaching at her home away from home! Come and take a few more classes with her, as she is an endless resource and has much to give. As a special event, we are planning a couple more classes in Japanese with her before she leaves. Stay tuned!

Hassan will be in Thailand to study Thai massage for all of Nov and Dec. Yet one more reason to look forward to his return! A new BYL teacher, Ana Wood, will cover Hassan’s Tuesday classes in Canary Wharf and London Bridge. Portugal born Ana is a highly experienced Bikram teacher, having conquered debilitating back pain, which was healed through a regular Bikram yoga practice 10 years ago. Come and try her class.

Alessandro will be in Argentina for 7 weeks between mid Nov and January. His Thu 6 pm Music Beats in Canary Wharf will be delivered by dynamo Kirsty, while his Inferno classes on Thu 6:45 am in London Bridge will be taught by our energetic Bernadine. His Wed 10 am class will be covered by Ilkka, who lends a Scandinavian (read Viking) energy to his classes!

Finland born Ilkka Karu is a new teacher joining us from Belgium this November, where he has taught for the past 2 years after graduating from teacher training. Ilkka started Bikram yoga in Finland ten years ago to alleviate the stress of an intense corporate career. Bikram completely changed his take on life and he left the corporate world in 2016 to devote his time to teaching. Ilkka is energetic, bendy and fun. He teaches with a smile on his face and tries to share with his students the inner calm and the positive vibes that the yoga offers. Come and try his class. He will take over the Thu 6:30 am class in Canary Wharf as well as covers until we find him more regular classes.

Tammy delivered a beautiful baby girl named Joni on 14 September. Joni arrived 5 weeks early as an unexpected surprise, but everyone is happy and well. Please join us in congratulating Tammy! We hope to have her back in her Fri morning slot as of January. Kirsty will cover in the meantime.

Speaking of Kirsty, she recently married to her long-time partner in September and spent a wonderful time in Mallorca. Please join us in wishing her well!

Inna is taking a well deserved rest on Sundays, and by popular request, Jay will take over the 6 pm candlelit class in Canary Wharf. If you’ve never experienced Candlelit class with Jay, many agree that his class is the perfect end to the week. Energetic, uncompromising, yet amazingly calming!


BYL Teacher Feature: Almania Colombo

Almania is not just one of our most experienced teachers, but also the 2016 World Yoga Champion and the 2018 European Champion, an example in dedication and daily hard work. Half Italian and half Chinese, Almania was born in Germany and raised near Venice. She comes from a professional dancing background, having attended classical ballet school in Hamburg, Germany. At the age of 15, she started a professional dancing career travelling around the world and performing with a dance company nearly daily. At 20, she moved to New York City where she danced for 4 more years and was eventually introduced to Bikram Yoga. Almania qualified as a Bikram teacher in 2011 and has taught all over the world since. She continues to inspire yogis through her teaching and her daily practice. Take Almania’s class on Tue 6 pm and Fri 5:15 pm in Canary Wharf, and on Thu 5 pm, Sat 5 pm and Sun 8:30 am in London Bridge.

Almania, how did you first find Bikram Yoga?

A dancer friend of mine told me about hot yoga and how good it is to stretch the body and tight muscles after rehearsals. Destiny made sure that I lived less than a 10 min walk away from a Bikram studio in New York.

What were you doing before you started teaching Bikram?

I used to be a professional dancer.

What inspired you to become a Bikram teacher and how soon after starting Bikram did you make that decision?

Bikram yoga represents the perfect yoga sequence to me. I just knew I wanted to make it part of my life forever. This became clear to me after only 6 months of practice.

How has Bikram changed or impacted you personally?

It has given me clarity of mind and taught me acceptance, i.e., that it’s fine to be perfectly imperfect.

What’s your most memorable Bikram moment?

Every little breakthrough has been memorable: the first time seeing my toes in bow, the first time locking out in Standing Bow, the first time keeping total stillness in Savasana…

What do you love most about teaching?

I love hearing and seeing the changes in my students’ lives every day, how they come to the studio with little flexibility or strength, or with health issues or weight problems. And soon after taking a series of classes they shine again. It’s moving and inspiring!

What’s your favourite Bikram pose?

I go through phases, at the moment, it’s probably Standing Bow, elegant and powerful. It will be different if you ask me in a few months.

What’s your least favourite or most challenging Bikram pose? What do you do to improve it?

My least favourite varies as well. Right now it’s Floor Bow. I make sure I remain teachable and listen to the teacher’s instructions.

What else do you do inside and outside yoga? Do you teach any other styles?

I like to practice every day. Spending 90 minutes in the hot room is something I never regret. I only teach Bikram, and in my free time I love to meet up with friends, go to museums and art exhibits, go to the theatre and play board games.

What advice would you give to your students to improve their yoga?

Keep trying, never ever give up. Persistence guarantees that results are inevitable. (Yogananda)