As you’ve by now very likely heard, the UK government recently announced a 2nd nationwide lockdown commencing Thursday, 5 November, through Wednesday, 2 December.

Our Canary Wharf and London Bridge studio locations will accordingly be closed for that period and are scheduled to reopen on Thursday, 3 December.

Our studios will go fully virtual as we host all our classes on BYL Live, our livestream platform, where we’ll continue to offer our range of yoga and Inferno Pilates classes to allow you to continue your practice seamlessly over the four week period with many of your favourite teachers.

This year has shown us that events can arise which are completely beyond our individual control, that challenge each of us beyond expectation. How we are able to respond is ultimately what allows each of us to grow and even pivot to a stronger place.

During the Summer lockdown, many of our yogis decided to use the confinement to set a goal and achieve it. The hot room was swapped for the living room, and many who joined us made their practice a daily one with significant results.

Four weeks represents an opportunity to focus on a goal. Maybe you aim to improve from doing zero to 10 pushups. Perhaps the plan is to eat a healthy diet, get a Bikram class in daily and take your practice to the next level. Or it may be that you intend to practice one Inferno Pilates class a day to see your fitness level truly transform.

Gear up your practice during lockdown, and whatever your goal, take it one step at a time. At the end of four weeks, we believe you will emerge stronger, healthier and happier through your practice.

What happens to my membership during the lockdown?
As our studio moves to an all-virtual schedule, anyone with a pass or package that normally allows you to practice either on livestream or at the studios will be able to join us in our interactive online classes (don’t have a pass? View our livestream rates here).

As this has been announced as a shorter, pre-defined ‘circuit-breaker’ lockdown, all memberships and passes will continue as normal to allow you ongoing access to classes via BYL Live.

If you wish instead to freeze your package for the 4-week period, please email us at [email protected] and we will aim to assist you individually. Once we reopen, any frozen packages will automatically be reactivated on 3 December (apologies, we’re unable to offer retroactive freezes).

On a final note, we would like to thank you in advance, as it is your support that has enabled us to survive as a studio, offering upgraded spaces and a wider service offering during this challenging time. It is through your active memberships that we are able to deliver upon the practice you rely on in your own journeys, and for that we are grateful.