BYL is Reopening 1 August!

Following the UK Government’s recent announcement of the end of the lockdown, we’ve received countless messages from those of you who have been looking forward to being back in the hot room, and we’re getting things ready!

From the day our studios closed, we’ve been anticipating the day the government would announce that it was time to reopen, and we’ve been busy during the lockdown performing some decorative works at the studios as well as maintenance and procedural updates.

When you return, you’re going to see some changes, including decorative improvements at both studios, and a major new transformation at London Bridge!  We can only assure you that it will almost certainly be an exciting change for anyone who has had the opportunity to visit the studio! 

New Protocols & Streamlining

Once we reopen at both locations, we will have new protocols going into effect to help ensure we’re keeping our studios operating at our exacting standards to assure your wellbeing. These will include social distancing initiatives, pre-booking requirements and more, all of which are described in this blog. 

As we transition back to normal, we will depend on the support of every member of the BYL community to help ensure that we’re all co-existing with our fellow yogis by observing the new studio protocols.

We’ve undergone a lengthy period of lockdown, during which time we have all been through our individual journeys that have brought challenges, personal growth and for some, even major life changes.

We are very grateful to all of you who have offered your support to BYL, both with your many positive messages, and by continuing your memberships for those who were able to do so (and we appreciate that not everyone was). Your support has enabled us to reopen for our community as the lockdown ends, so once again, we thank you.

Class Schedule

Classes will gradually phase in to a full schedule. For the first 30 days we will kick things off with a smaller number of classes at each location, all of which will have limited capacities until restrictions are finally eased.

We will have up to one hour gaps between each class, allowing people to leave before next group comes in. We ask our yogis to leave as quickly as possible (within 15 minutes) after your class has ended.

Booking Your Classes in Advance

  • As we will initially limit class sizes, you’ll need to book online in advance of attending in order to secure your spot. However if you forgot to book, we will endeavour to welcome you into class if there are spaces available. 
  • If you’re unable to book a class online, you’re welcome to join our waitlist. As previously booked clients unbook themselves, waitlist spots will be released one by one.
  • Historically up to 20% of our clients who book a class don’t attend. While we’ve usually been able to manage this in the past and have never charged our “no-show” fee, capacity will now be more restricted therefore we will now be implementing nominal late cancel and no-show fees to ensure that booked spots are utilised. If you aren’t able to attend your booked class, simply unbook yourself at least six hours in advance as doing so will open up a valuable spot for another yogi. If you book but do not show or cancel your booking, the fee will be £3 plus your class credit. Any fees will automatically be charged to your stored card. Once again, at this time it is important to reduce “no shows”, therefore to help ensure everyone has the opportunity to book, please unbook yourself in advance if not attending.
  • Due to capacity restrictions, we will have lots of yogis looking to get back into the hot room, and for the time being we ask our ‘unlimited’ members to book no more than one in-studio class a day. We have our BYL Interactive Livestream classes available and accessible by all packages, so those who want more than one class a day have the option to attend one in-studio and more on our Livestream.


Can I Buy a Package or Membership Online?

Certainly! BYL memberships, packages, gift cards and account top-ups can all be bought on our website Rates page.

We encourage you to grab a package or membership online to make your check-in process quick and smooth. If you need assistance or want to purchase in-studio, our front desk staff is also happy to help. 

At the Studios

We’ve created some changes to our procedures to help ensure we can all practice in the best possible environment.

  • As a standard rule, only attend class if you’re in good health. If you’re feeling unwell (even if it’s just a cold), avoid attending until you’re better. You can, of course, join us on our Livestream.
  • When you arrive at the studios, please queue following the government recommended distance. 
  • Please try to arrive dressed for class if at all possible. The changing rooms will be open for those needing them. 
  • We have walk-up temperature self-check stations at both studios. 
  • We encourage you to wear a mask in the common area of the studios (not required in the yoga room) 
  • We have placed signs asking clients avoid using our yoga blocks, Nidra pillows and yoga belts in the yoga room for the time being. You are of course welcome to bring your own.
  • The studios are now cashless
    • Packages can be bought online, or you can pre-purchase your next pass at the front desk.
    • You’re welcome to pay for items (e.g. mats, towels, water) using our contactless card machines (no minimum charge). Better yet, buy an Account Credit (£10 blocks) and create a “tab” for future purchases. Many of our yogis have for years been using the Account Credit system as a simple way to avoid having to carry credit cards around.
  • As has been our practice for the past 10 years, our rental mats will be washed down and dried completely after every use. You’re also welcome to bring or buy your own Mat, Mat Bag, or branded BYL Yoga Towel.
  • Please lay your mat down in the yoga room using the floor marking.
  • Our studio premises are well ventilated. Enjoy filtered fresh air oxygenation via air exchange units that change the air multiple times each hour.
  • Our yoga rooms have state-of the art heating systems that continuously extract air from the yoga rooms and introduce new fresh air that has passed through our industrial heaters at high temperatures.
  • We’re going to continue our new cleaning regimen between and during classes, including wiping down all hand touch surfaces.  

After Class Please Aim to Leave Promptly (within 20 Minutes)

  • Once the class you’ve attended has finished, we ask that you kindly depart the premises within 20 minutes to allow plenty of space for the next group of yogis to enter. We will also be closing the studios earlier at the end of the evening for cleaning and would similarly request prompt departure.
  • Showers are available, however we encourage you to use them only if absolutely needed. As we have turned off alternate showers, please restrict any shower time to a maximum of one minute to ensure that everyone who wishes to has a chance to shower.
  • When you get home, please rinse down your mat or wipe it down with a sterile wipe. It’s quick and easy to do. We suggest having two mats and alternating them so one can dry.
  • Finally, be kind to your fellow yogis who may be forgetful of a protocol. We’re all learning and adapting, and a gentle reminder is usually all it takes. 

Unfreezing Your Membership

Any frozen autopay memberships will be automatically unfrozen when we reopen. We will be working out a schedule for dealing with account balances, so please bear with us as we are still operating on a leaner team as we transition back during the month of August. 

All “class packs” will be extended by up to 4 months at no charge (the length of the extension will be determined by how many days you have remaining on your class pack).

BYL Interactive Livestream to Continue!

From the day our studios closed, like many, we were faced with an existential challenge as well as the opportunity to face it head-on. At its most fundamental level, yoga, particularly the type done in a room heated to 40C, teaches the practitioner to handle adversity and to grow outside their comfort zone. For us, this meant taking our practice to a new stage, and so we launched our interactive Livestream platform within 48 hours of our studios’ closures. So many of you joined this new and exciting journey from your living rooms, kitchens and gardens, the BYL community grew stronger through your support. While our new technology was remarkably stable from the start, there were a couple of hitches along the way! 

Based on our survey, a number of you have provided your feedback on what a life-saver it has been to continue your practice with BYL during this unique time in history, and how much you have come to rely on our new format and want us to continue it.

Welcome to Our New Livestream Room at London Bridge!

Well, the secret is out, the curtain has been lifted, and we can formally announce our new Livestream Room at the London Bridge studio. Our cavernous space has now been recreated into two rooms. Our Main Yoga Room will also be sporting a brand new layout which we’re sure you’ll love!

The new Livestream room will be a smaller, dedicated space, specially designed and lit for the Livestreaming and video recording of our classes. This means that those joining us from your homes, workplaces, hotels, and wherever else you may be, will enjoy a brand new experience on your screens, with a substantially more secure and higher quality video stream.

However, as we know many of you will want to join in the Livestream classes live from the studio itself, we will offer a strictly limited number of spaces within each Livestream class. Please note, as the new room is designed as a Livestreaming space, anyone practicing in our special Livestream Room at the London Bridge studio will need to consent to the use of their image on our Livestream and in our videos. Of course, for anyone camera shy, we have our Main Yoga Room which will offer the bulk of our classes.

Attending Livestream from Home vs In the Studio Livestream Room

For those practicing on our Livestream from home, we offer superbly valued Livestream packages including Livestream Dropins, 10 ClassPasses and Livestream Rolling monthly packages. To attend any classes (including our Livestream classes) in the studios, you will need a normal in-studio package. These are also excellent value, albeit at a slightly higher price which we have aimed to keep extremely competitive.

Practice at Home When You Can’t Make it to the Studios!

Practicing at home is naturally different from being in the hot room (unless you’ve set up your own ‘mini hot room’ as a few of our yogis have done!), but we were all enjoying seeing the community thrive as we all got our sweat on together from our makeshift studios!  

Many of you brought your partners and family members to join you in our yoga and Inferno classes, contributing a spirit of positivity and optimism that has only grown with every class. Many of you have come out stronger by taking advantage of the lockdown to maintain and even step up your practice.

Based on an overwhelming amount of feedback, our interactive Livestream will be continuing as a regular feature on our schedule. As demand will increasingly shift back to in-studio classes, our Livestream class schedule will be adjusted initially and increased as demand picks up on this new platform.

If you haven’t yet tried it, we highly encourage you to do so as it will be accessible for all current memberships. We hope that this increased access will help you keep practicing and continuing in your own transformation! 

When we founded BYL over 10 years ago, we did so with a plan to make a real difference in people’s lives. That goal remains. We’re working to come out of this better, stronger and more appreciative on an individual level of the things that really matter.

We again thank you for your support, and look forward to seeing you back!

The BYL Team

Article date 28/7/20

This article will be updated from time to time to reflect any changes to guidance.