Emotional wellbeing relates to how we think and feel about ourselves and the world around us. Just as we exercise our bodies to stay physically fit, it is important to actively work on our emotional wellbeing to encourage a positive mindset. It doesn’t mean being happy all the time, but processing everyday life in a healthy way is crucial to building emotional resilience.

A balanced mind enables you to cope with a sudden change or stress-inducing situations. Research has shown that good emotional health, improves the way that you engage with the world around you, leading to positive interactions, thoughts and relationships.

Stay on on top of your mental health and wellbeing with our five tips to encourage a positive mindset.

Get Connected

1. Stay connected to your friends and family, socialising is important for building your self-esteem and confidence.
– If you live alone and work from home, arrange a Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp dinner with your friends and family online.
– Volunteer in your local community, do some good, and you will feel great. Visit the Gov.UK website here for more advice on how to get involved.
– Join an online community on Facebook! Whether you are into yoga, pilates, walking or knitting, get involved with a like-minded community who share your interests. Click here
to sign up.

– Go for a walk with a friend or a member of the BYL community after class.

Stay Active

2. Regularly practising Yoga and Pilates keeps you looking and feeling great. Join your favourite BYL teachers in the studio or online to stay active.
– Exercise releases Seratonin the feel-good hormone. Get on your mat, go for a walk, or a run, to sweat yourself happy.
– Staying fit will improve your self-esteem, as will setting and achieving your fitness goals.

Start a Hobby

3. Learning a new skill can help you to unwind after a hectic day. The need for perfection can induce anxiety and self-consciousness. Learning a new skill teaches your mind to accept that we do not get everything right the first time.
– Take on a DIY project at home or try your hand at gardening. If you do not have a garden, grow some pot plants or vegetables in a window box. Sunflowers, spring onions and leeks are perfect for not so green fingers.
– Learn to cook a new recipe.

BYL Jivamukti teacher Aleksei Zukov has an excellent tip for all you budding horticulturalists. Instead of throwing out your lettuce, celery, spring onion, leek endy bits put them into some water and watch them grow. Spring onions can be replanted into some soil and will keep growing provided there’s a decent amount of sunlight.

Be Kind

4. Research has shown that showing compassion and giving to others promotes feelings of happiness.
– Say thank you more! Showing your appreciation will increase the number of positive interactions that you have each day.
– Share your skillset with a local community group to give something back.
– Actively listen in every conversation without interrupting and try to avoid judging your friends and family members. Practice compassionate listening and express you viewpoint with loving words.

Be Present

5. When we are present, we are less analytical and more connected to our body and the world around us.
– Focus on the task at hand to avoid overthinking.
– Presence of mind enables you to locate the source of your emotions and anxiety.
-If you struggle to meditate try Yin Yoga and Meditation on Sunday evening with Kristal.