The Government announced on 14/12/20 that London and certain areas of the country would move into “Tier 3” on Wednesday 16 December, affecting 34 million people. Among other things, this means that all indoor group activity locations in affected areas will need to close, along with a wide range of other venues such as restaurants and pubs, but excluding gyms. However, indoor group exercise classes will not be allowed.

Accordingly, our Canary Wharf and London Bridge studio locations will unfortunately have to be closed from Wednesday 16th December, with the last classes for the current lockdown held on the evening of Tuesday 15th.

We know how many of our loyal yogis feel about this new closure, so if you would like to support us and other yoga studios and feel strongly that the government should reconsider its stance regarding yoga classes, please sign this Petition.

The government has announced that the lockdown will be reviewed every two weeks with the first review in 14 days. We know how important a regular practice in our hot room is to so many of our yogis, and plan to reopen the studios as soon as the Tier 3 lockdown is over.

Keep Your Physical and Mental Health Strong

While the studio locations may be closing during Tier 3, we’ll be ramping things up on BYL Live, as we know how powerful daily exercise can be in maintaining your sense of physical and mental wellbeing.

Starting Wednesday, we’ll continue to offer a wide range of yoga and Inferno Pilates classes to allow you to continue your practice seamlessly during the Christmas period and until the Tier 3 restrictions are lifted.

This way, you can make a plan to get fitter, more flexible and stronger through your home practice!

We will of course be looking to reopen as soon as Tier 3 restrictions are lifted, and until then, we invite you to join fellow members of the BYL community on our interactive livestream.

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What happens to my membership during Tier 3?

As our studio moves to an all-livestream schedule, anyone with a pass or package that normally allows you to practice either on livestream or at the studios will be able to join us in our interactive online classes (don’t have a pass? View our livestream rates here).

All memberships and passes will continue as normal to allow you ongoing access to classes via BYL Live. If you wish instead to freeze your package for the period, please email us at [email protected] and we will aim to assist you individually. Once we reopen, any frozen packages will automatically be reactivated (apologies, we’re unable to offer retroactive freezes).

Your ongoing memberships enable us to offer the significant benefits of the original hot yoga along with transformative styles of yoga and Pilates. We thank you again in advance for your understanding and support, and hope this will represent the last of the lockdowns!