Livestream + Video On Demand


Get ready to experience Full HD Livestream and Video on Demand YOGA, FITNESS, MINDFULNESS & SKILLS, powered by Yorebels and Vimeo!

The platform represents a substantially higher level offering than our prior Zoom based platform, with a VOD library that is rapidly building up with new titles added daily!

Yorebels Live from our London Studios!

The majority of streamed classes will be offered live from the Nadi Room at our London Bridge studio, in Full HD! When you join the class from home, you’ll feel like you’re in the studio, with yogis around you in the same class! The livestream will have a televised effect so you can see the entire action as you participate!

Of course, we will also be inviting inspiring instructors from around the world to lead yoga, Pilates and fitness classes from remote locations to keep you motivated and inspired.

Catch Up On All Your Favourite Classes

A major upgrade to our current offering is our Full HD recorded VOD content. If you miss a class, you’ll be able to catch up to it at your leisure! Yes, video on demand is here!

iOS and Android Apps

We’re hugely excited to be able to offer Yorebels iOS and Android apps! Download them now from your app store!

TV Apps

Our TV apps, including Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Android TV are currently being finalised by our developers, and we expect them to be ready soon. Stay tuned!


There’s nothing more powerful than an immersive, in-studio experience in which you feel as though you’ve been dropped right into the action! Many of our classes are taught from our live London studio, where real practitioners are attending the same class that you’ll be streaming into.

Yorebels offers a powerful combination of yoga, Pilates, meditation and fitness classes to substantially improve your health and wellbeing.

Experience a new kind of energy – one that rejuvenates you physically and mentally, leaving you confident and ready to conquer new challenges at any age. To experience the kind of health you have possibly never enjoyed – a leaner, detoxed body, healthy joints, a calmer mind, and an absolute determination.

Quite simply, we want our Livestream studio to transform your life.


Yorebels is far from the typical online offering that just has recorded content. Enjoy a full, action-packed Livestream schedule, and catch up to missed classes with our Video On Demand. Begin your powerful journey into transforming body, mind and life. We offer a number of popular styles of Yoga, HIIT, Mediation, and Skills classes, so whatever you’ve set as your goal, we offer a method to help get you there!

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