Celebrating the International Practice of Bikram Yoga

Join Us for Classes in 7 Languages!

The world is currently immersed in an experience that transcends boundaries, connecting us all in a way and at a speed that few could have imagined.

Perhaps now, more than ever is the time to celebrate the ideals of diversity, peace, and working together as an international community with one common purpose. Due in no small part to the technology that has brought us together, many across the globe are finding an ability to connect with the shared passion of our yoga practice.

To honor these ideals, we felt it an opportune time to celebrate how international a practice Bikram Yoga has truly become! From 13-19 April, seven BYL teachers will be offering superb Bikram Yoga classes taught in a mix of English and their native languages!

All of this will be hosted on BYL’s Interactive LiveStream platform to help you connect with your friends, family, teacher, and other yogis to get fit, energized, and mentally stronger, as you join in with other members of our wonderful BYL community from around the globe!

Max Rezania doing yoga
BIKRAM YOGA (90) in Farsi
Monday 13th at 10:00am (GMT)

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Banking tech whiz and Bikram teacher, Max Rezania, returns to our schedule by popular demand!

Max leads a solid and caring Bikram class at a great pace, perfect for our current times. Technically as precise as anyone having a Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence might be expected to be, yet approaching his teaching with a relaxed enthusiasm, Max will be leading a class taught in a mix of Farsi (aka Persian) and English.

For those who have never heard this ancient language of the Achaemenid empire (550-330BC), get ready to be enchanted!

Jackie Githinji doing yoga

BIKRAM YOGA (90) in Swahili
Tuesday 14th at 5:30pm (GMT)

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International Week means you get treated to a class taught in both English and Swahili, a language that represents a mix of Bantu and Arabic.

Jackie Githinji, gracing us with her beautiful presence from vibrant, historic Nairobi, Kenya, will lead this rare experience.

Come join us for what’s going to be a Bikram class definitely worth remembering!

Jackie loves the discipline of the practice, the individual yet communal journey and the marriage of stillness, breath and movement in each asana. Book your spot and join us, wherever in the world you happen to be!

Kaya Shirota

BIKRAM YOGA (90) in Japanese
Wednesday 15th at 5:00pm (GMT)

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Japan is home to a vibrant culture, amazing history, and the one and only Kaya Shirota, Bikram yogini extraordinaire! We are honoured to announce that Kaya, who recently returned to the U.K. (and is in isolation in Somerset), will be teaching a class laced with elements in Japanese!

The language is beautiful, the teacher hugely passionate, and admit it, yogis, it’s not like we ever really listen to everyword in the yoga room! OK, enough said, reserve your spot fast as you know it’s going to book fast and come join us! ようこそ

photo of Alessandro Mauro Vanegas

BIKRAM MUSIC BEATS (90) in Spanish
Thursday 16th at 5:30pm (GMT)

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Alessandro Mauro Vanegas joined BYL from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Having competed in yoga championships, he contributes his energy and love of teaching to his full-on classes in Bikram Yoga and Inferno Pilates.

Bringing a natural Latin flair to our Bikram Music Beats and Inferno classes at the Canary Wharf studio on Thursdays, his classes are now in full gear on our interactive LiveStream platform.

Alessandro will be treating us all to a powerful Bikram Yoga session taught in both Argentinian Spanish and English. Get ready to Tango!

image of Almania Colombo

BIKRAM YOGA (90) in Italian
Friday 17th at 5:00pm (GMT)

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BYL teacher and two-time World Yoga Champion, Almania Colombo, will be leading a special Bikram yoga class in English and Italian!

Her classes are hugely popular for good reason – Almania brings a level of precision that yogis of all levels have used to transform their practice.

Almania first tried Bikram yoga in NYC, sporting baggy sweatpants and a long-sleeved shirt. She left that class early, vowing never to return.

Years later, she ventured back in, and after only two weeks, enrolled in the 30 Day Challenge, which she extended to 60 straight days. She attended Bikram’s teacher training in 2011, and, upon graduation, traveled the world teaching and practicing.

Martin Wieser

BIKRAM YOGA (90) in German
Saturday 18th at 10:00am (GMT)

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Austrian native and BYL teacher Martin Wieser, who also leads our monthly Beginners Basics Clinic, will be leading us through a pure 90 minute Bikram Yoga session partially in German!

Martin teaches a detail-oriented class, focused on breathing awareness with lots of personal attention. A qualified Ashtanga, Yin and Inferno Pilates teacher who spends a month every year in India to work with his guru, the former makeup artist is studying Hindi, holds a colony of Arabian spiny mice as pets and is a trained Bazooka marksman!

“After years of failed attempts at ‘getting fit’ and kicking bad habits, the strict routine, breathing exercises, and a mix of tension and release had me hooked. A class practicing yoga creates special energy and never have I found myself in a more supportive and non-judgmental environment than a yoga school. I feel blessed to be part of a great community striving for health and self-awareness.” – Martin Wieser

Divya Malhotra

BIKRAM YOGA (90) in Hindi  
Sunday 19th at 12:00pm (GMT)

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Many of our yogis have been expressing to us how deeply they have connected to the energy in BYL teacher Divya Malhotra’s classes.

Divya is currently leading classes on our interactive LiveStream platform from her ocean-view apartment overlooking the Arabia Sea! If you haven’t yet experienced a class with Divya, you definitely must come to try!

She is well-versed in “old school”, high energy Bikram, with a challenging yet spiritually-nurturing approach. She has a unique ability to connect with her students and motivate them to achieve new breakthroughs while ensuring that no one is left behind. Come experience a groundbreaking Bikram class, at a special point in our history, led by this inspiring and uplifting teacher!