with Sam Magee

SATURDAY, 28 MARCH, 1:15PM – 3:45PM

Canary Wharf Studio

Make Your Backbends Go Deeper! ALL LEVELS WELCOME

We hope you’re enjoying a fantastic 2020 as we head into Spring! The energy at the studios has been wonderful, and we appreciate some of our peak classes have been rather busy as lots of our students want to get fit in the New Year!

To kick things off, we have our first Backbending workshop of the year, designed for all of you who want to develop more flexibility in your spine and get your backbends to go deeper!

We welcome and encourage all levels to attend, from total beginners to the most advanced yogis, to attend! It’s going to sell out so book your space quickly!

Want to improve flexibility while achieving deeper backbends in your Bikram Yoga practise? JOIN US for BYL’s special foundations workshop, Bikram Yoga Backbends on Saturday, 28 MARCH at the Canary Wharf studio!

Led by BYL senior teacher Sam Magee, this workshop explores key Bikram postures in more detail, provides hands-on corrections and key tips to improve your flexibility, balance and strength.

Open to ALL LEVELS (Beginners are encouraged to attend), and led by BYL senior teacher, this workshop explores backbending in more detail, providing hands-on corrections and key tips to improve your flexibility, balance and strength.

The spine is designed to be flexible, allowing a greater and more fluid range of motion throughout the body, but for too many people can often come more rigid due to poor posture and an increasing trend towards a sedentary lifestyle.

This valuable workshop will teach proven techniques to allow one to go deeper and further in backbends, resulting in a healthier spine and greater feeling of flexibility overall.

Postures will be explained and demonstrated in detail to help you improve your alignment and depth. Ask questions and get lots of advice!

This hugely popular 2 1/2 hour workshop, at only £25 to attend, tends to book up fast! Everyone’s welcome, Beginners to Advanced!

This is an excellent foundations workshop suited to all levels, Beginners to Advanced. Note, our workshops book fast so reserve your space now!


Learn from BYL Senior Teacher Sam Magee

> Learn how to develop deeper backbends, safely and effectively
> Explore the anatomy of the spine & key benefits of back bending
> Gain valuable tips & techniques to apply in your practise
> Learn directly from Senior Teacher and Yoga Author Sam Magee
> Align movement & breath to improve spine flexibility
> ALL welcome, Beginners to Advanced

> Book your spot!*



WORKSHOP: Bikram Yoga Backbends
DATE: Saturday, 28 MARCH, 1:15PM-3:45PM
LOCATION: Bikram Yoga Canary Wharf
BRING: Mat, Towel(s) and Water
RATE: £25 for 2 1/2 hour workshop

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A Few Past Workshop Reviews

“Sam is a superb teacher! The workshop covered anatomy with demonstrations of the poses and lots of tips and techniques which I have already integrated into my practice.”

“I would thoroughly recommend Sam’s workshop to anyone from a complete beginner to more advanced students. It was professionally run, very comprehensive and good value for money.” ~ Dierdre C.

“The workshop was wonderful. I learned a lot and it helped me understand yoga better. My perception of yoga has shifted to a new level, a more enriching one.” ~ Stasa B.



Sam Magee, Senior BYL Teacher

A 2003 Bikram Teacher Training graduate, Sam is among an elite handful of the most experienced Bikram teachers in the U.K.

Having overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome through her Bikram practise in 2001, she brings extensive knowledge, passion for the yoga and an ability to inspire students to improve their practice and maximise the benefits. Sam authored the books “Pregnancy Yoga” and “Yoga Made Easy” and is a contributor to Yoga Magazine.

She has judged U.K. and European Yoga Championships and trained advanced practitioners. Sam leads the BYL Advanced class on Saturdays and the Beginners class at 12PM every Thursday.

> Reserve a space at the 28 March Backbends Workshop!*