Prepare body and mind for the possibilities that lie ahead. Get ready. Set a goal whose achievement will come with dedication, hard work and the knowledge that with the right mindset, and support, you can do it!  

Get your mat ready and SIGN UP for the BYL AUTUMN 30 Day Challenge* and transform body, mind, life!

The 30 Day Challenge has been a time-honoured tradition at BYL, and Bikram Yoga studios around the world now hold their own versions of the challenge, making this a worldwide phenomenon!

What can 30 straight days in the hot room bring? Many people have found that the benefits can be nothing short of life-changing. By practising every day, your body reaches new levels of performance and fitness, no matter where you’re starting from, while your mind enjoys a deeper level of tranquility, balance, and focus.

The Challenge becomes a powerful, yet deeply meditative routine, a ‘constant’ in your life over 30 days. It is a group challenge, in which other yogis will be on a similar path, each for their own reason and with their own goals in mind. The support is incredible and you’ll get to meet your fellow yogis who have embarked on the journey.

Lose weight, detox, and strengthen your commitment to a better ‘you’, as you kick off the end of the lockdown with a renewed sense of purpose!

* 30 Day Challenge Terms and Conditions 

To receive your Challenge T-Shirt and Voucher or Discount simply satisfy the following:

1) Complete 30 classes in 30 days.
You can miss up to 3 classes and make them up with doubles.

2) Of the 30 classes, you can practise up to 3 classes online at home on the Yorebels platform.

By meeting the above requirements you’ll receive a £25 BYL voucher or a 10% discount on new non-subscription packages. There is a limit one voucher or discount per person in any 12 month period. Voucher has no cash value.

> To sign up to the 30 Day Challenge email: [email protected]