Looking to get a better handle on your yoga to improve flexibility, balance and toning?

Join us at Canary Wharf the 2nd Saturday of every month for our very special Beginner Basics Clinic!

Not just for ‘absolute’ beginners! This back to basics clinic is designed for anyone in their first few weeks or even months or years of practice who feel they would benefit from having more hands-on guidance from a highly experienced BYL teacher.

Our Bikram ‘basics’ clinic explores key postures in more detail, provides injury modifications, and vital tips to improve your flexibility, balance and strength. Learn the purpose and benefits of the 26 posture sequence and how to approach them correctly. Postures will be explained and demonstrated in detail to help you improve your breathing, alignment and depth. Ask questions, no matter how basic you think they may be!

If you’re on an active INTRO OFFER as of the date of the clinic, you can attend as part of your active package at no additional charge.  If you’re not on an active INTRO OFFER as of the date of the clinic, you can still attend for a steeply discounted price of £10, which is substantially less than the price of our regular workshops but with many of the same features!

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* Note, booking link for Beginners Basics Clinic is to our MindBodyOnline site where you can log in and book as normal.