CONGRATS again to all of our FEB Challenge finishers, and to a brand new Canary Wharf record as over 90% of Challengers completed!!! One reason for such a high completion rate may well be due to all the support our BYL community was giving the participants, not to mention the Body Tracker measurements we were taking throughout the Challenge to measure the physical changes that participants were enjoying!

For our official BYL CHALLENGE T-SHIRT HANDOVER CEREMONY, we had a wonderful BYL community event at CPRESS CANARY WHARF on Saturday, when several of our Challengers dropped in for a lovely SAT 8AM class, after which we headed over to the event together.

Resident nutritionist Miriam Gubovic hosted an informative discussion on yoga nutrition followed by lots of delicious juice samples and even a juicing mini workshop to show you how CPRESS’ resident mixologists create some delicious juices packed with goodness.

Attendees received loads of useful advice, where we learned the benefits of starting the day with a glass of lemon water to alkalise the body, and managing intake of protein in smarter ways to ensure one never feels hungry and stays energised all the way through the Challenge.

Strong synergies can occur when you practise Bikram Yoga and maintain good nutrition (it’s easier than you think!), with clear, demonstrable effects on weight loss, energy boosting, and detoxification often more quickly than one may imagine.

Accordingly, BYL’s upcoming JUNE 30 Day Challenge will feature an onboard nutritionist to ensure that our Challengers can even more quickly experience weight loss, toning, and detoxification while enjoying our Challenge in an entirely new way!

Stay tuned for our upcoming newsletter for more information! And in the meantime, we hope you enjoy the photos!

~ The BYL Team