As this record–breaking Summer has brought out the yoga bug in more of us, BYL is happy to welcome lots of new starters experiencing the wonderful benefits of Bikram Yoga and Hot Yoga, beginning their journeys towards fitter, healthier bodies and calmer, more focused minds. As we each flow into an end of Summer groove, we encourage everyone to come check out our different hot yoga styles!

As a studio we aim to continually evolve, building on the passion and expertise of our teachers and sheer dedication of our community, as we continue challenging our own limits to lead bigger, healthier, fuller lives.

As August is often a relaxed month, counting down towards the end of Summer, we would like to encourage you perhaps to try a different class than you’re used to (we have several styles on offer!), or even an earlier or later class time than normal. Stepping outside one’s comfort zone, even slightly, can lead to greater, more significant changes, as at least one BYL yogi recently discovered (see blog link below). Whatever your goals, our experienced teachers are here to help and support you along the way!

Enjoy this August edition newsletter, we’ll see you in the hot room!


GET READY! Following our booked out July Inferno Hot Pilates event, BYL is pleased to announce that based on your overwhelming feedback, we will now be offering this fun new class as a full 6 week trial, WED’s at 6:30AM and THU’s at 8PM, commencing this 7 September! Guest instructor Fiona kicks off the first few classes, followed by BYL teacher Inna who will take on the regular schedule.

Inferno Hot Pilates is a challenging, full body, low impact, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) using Pilates principles. Hot Pilates strengthens muscles and burns fat, all without the pounding of a high impact workout. It is designed for all fitness levels, but be prepared to burn up to 500 calories. The one hour class is held at 37 degrees. Schedule it now

Gabi Walters, a former successful international track and field athlete, developed Hot Pilates in 2009 after suffering a severe knee injury. She spent extensive time in India studying yoga and meditation and became certified as a Hatha and Power Yoga teacher, as well as a Pilates teacher. She eventually opened her first Inferno Hot Pilates studio in 2012 in Las Vegas. Gabi is considered one of the premier experts in Pilates. Her style of Pilates has become immensely popular in the US, and now comes to BYL.

Here’s what just a few attendees had to say about our 10 July inaugural trial:

“I really enjoyed the class. It was great fun. My muscles were sore till Wednesday evening!” – Olena D.

“The inferno Pilate class was awesome!” – Manju B.

“Loved it! Would definitely be an excellent addition!” – Sue S.

“It was really amazing (my thighs are still hurting after 8 rounds of squats) and I really enjoyed the class. It was quite an intense workout” – Rashmi G.

“Just wanted to say the class was amazing and it would be awesome to have these types of classes” – Zelma P.

“The Inferno class was ab fab…LOVED IT!” – Paula A.

“Good workout for the duration!” – Manjinder K.


BYL student Muhammed joined the Canary Wharf studio as a complete yoga beginner at the end of December 2016, seeking to lose weight and overcome back pain. In under 4 months, he had shed 26 Kg, healed his back, and transformed his life. Read the interview!


As a reminder, from 1-31 AUGUST bring friends who are first timers to BYL and they pay only £5 for their first visit to the Canary Wharf studio!! If they enjoy their class (we think they’ll love it!) they can even buy the INTRO OFFER on the same day and start it on their next visit!

As a reminder, from 1-31 AUGUST bring friends who are first timers to BYL and they pay only £5 for their first visit to the Canary Wharf studio!! If they enjoy their class (we think they’ll love it!) they can even buy the INTRO OFFER on the same day and start it on their next visit!

Friends can register in person or in advance online. To have them register online, CLICK HERE to buy and book a Drop-in online and in the checkout basket enter Promo Code BYL11FFF to get the discounted price.

*OFFER RULES: Only available at the friend’s first visit to BYL. Friend must attend with a BYL Member who is on a current package. Members can bring up to 3 friends per visit. Government issued photo ID required at 1st visit. Limit ONE £5 Drop-in p/p. Normal studio T&C’s apply. Ends 31 AUG, 2017.


Summer’s still in full flow, yet the early whispers of Autumn are gently beckoning. We’re now accepting early signups to the BYL Fall 30 Day Challenge which kicks off on 1-15 October! Practice 30 straight days at the studio and enjoy significant improvements to Body and Mind, plus a Free Challenge T-shirt and vouchers when you complete! There is no cost for participating in the Challenge though you will need to be on any BYL package that allows you to practise for 30 straight days. Email us to register your interest!


Following the total makeover of the studio several months ago, two final items coming are the beautiful new wooden benches and larger lockers! Our aim is to create the cleanest, most appealing and peaceful boutique yoga space we can for our community!


As anyone using the Men’s changing room may know, we had an issue with water seeping under a section of the new flooring. To allow the floor to dry out, we are asking the men to dry off briefly on the shower step before stepping down to the floor. Once the area has dried underneath, we will be able to repair the flooring. Thank you for your support!


With transformation at the core of our mission, our business has continued to grow and evolve, and so we have welcomed exciting new additions to our class schedule. We remain at core a Bikram yoga studio, adding synergistic methods and styles, including Hot Vinayasa Flow, Hot Power Flow, Warm Jivamukti, BYL Express, Bikram Yoga Candlelit and our popular BYL Music Beats Express. Whatever your core yoga style love may be, we encourage you to spread your wings a little and try out all of these amazing classes this summer! Each has been carefully selected to complement each other and offer something special for your practise. View our classes!

As always, we welcome your feedback and are always available to speak with you. We wish you an amazing Summer of with lots of lovely yoga!