We promised you exciting events this Autumn and here’s a BIG one! JOIN us SAT 18 NOV at the Canary Wharf studio as BYL hosts our “Big Anniversary Bash” a wonderful day of yoga, meditiation and nutrition to rejuvenate your practise! Check out the exciting class descriptions below!

ENJOY some hot new yoga gear as we introduce LA-based Onzie’s hottest FALL 2017 yoga outfits at a 10% discount at our Canary Wharf studio! One day only!

We’ll also have some raw food snacks as a post-yoga treat, provided by nutrition superblogger and London Bridge regular Kate Magic!


Use any valid BYL Canary Wharf studio membership to book your classes, and if you’re a Hot Yoga Society member on a current HYS Flexi Pass/Subscription, or Annual Upfront/365 Day Pass, you can book up to two classes at no charge (please see instructions at the end of this newsletter).

For anyone without a current BYL package or an HYS Flexi Pass/Subscription or Annual Upfront/365 Day Pass,we’ve got you covered too! Grab a discounted single Drop-in for £15 or a special two class ‘Double’ pass for just £20! Book fast as it’s going to be a busy day!



8:30AM – 9:30AM A hot new regime imported from the US, Inferno Pilates is a challenging, full body, low impact, HIIT class using Pilates principles. Burn up to 500 calories in one session!

Prepare to get leaner and stronger, all without the pounding of a high impact workout. The 1-hour class, led by instructor Fiona whose new WED evening class is rapidly growing in popularity at London Bridge, is held at 37 degrees and designed for ALL fitness levels! Book Inferno Pilates


10:00AM – 11:30AM Led by beautiful spirit and hugely popular, Barkan-trained teacher Lizzie, BYL’s Hot Vinyasa Flow is a challenging, dynamic practise building focus, toning, strength and flexibility. Experience core yoga bliss with deep stretches and effective shoulder and hip openers!

Derived from the Jimmy Barkan method, BYL’s energetic flow is designed to provide a perfect complement to Bikram Yoga. Hatha postures are performed in continuous, active flow, focusing on the coordination of breath and movement to lead you progressively higher. Our state-of-the-art heating system regulates the room to a gentle 35 degrees, synergising with the asanas as you work up a vigorous sweat designed to challenge yogis of all levels! Book Hot Vinyasa Flow


12:00PM – 1:30PM Come check out this fun take on the traditional Bikram Yoga practise! Enjoy your yoga moves on the mat to the groovy beat of a wonderful soundtrack!

Beth is gonna jam some powerful tunes in the yoga room as she rocks you through a 90 minute Bikram Yoga session! Enjoy music that is deeply immersive, sometimes calming and at other times joyful and energetic. We know you’re going to really LOVE it! A perfect way to get a powerful and fun yet calming yoga fix! Book Bikram Music Beats


2:00PM – 3:00PM Get ready for a fun, dynamic and powerful sequence that focuses on the fitness-based aspects of the yoga practice, making pace and intensity key components of the class!

Performed to a cool, hip soundtrack that elevates the senses, DJ Andy brings his music background to keep you enchanted throughout the 60 minute flow style sequence. Experience an amazing synergy between the music, heat and asanas. This is a massively popular class at Canary Wharf, and now offered on WED afternoons at London Bridge! At a beautifully warmed 35°C, changes to mind and body are likely to come a lot sooner than they would in a cold yoga room! Book Hot Power Flow


4:00PM – 5:30PM Born in NYC, now a hot new practise at BYL! Experience bliss in this 90-minute flowing Vinyasa-style sequence, with tranquil music, Sanskrit chanting, breath awareness and relaxation.

Led by BYL superstars Annalisa and Beth and performed in a gently-warmed room,engage beautifully in a flowing posture sequence performed to eclectic music, deepening your practice and stimulating your mind. BYL has now taken the practise to an entirely new level by adding the core combination of our specialised heat to warm your body wonderfully. Our Jiva trial on 2 Nov at London Bridge was an incredible success with lots of yogis asking for more. Don’t miss this! Book Hot Jivamukti


5:30PM – 5:50PM (Free) BYL regular Toro who’s also the head honcho at Starbucks Canary Wharf, will be leading us through a beautiful 20 minute session featuring the healing sounds of Tibetan bowls, followed by meditation. This is FREE to any attendee on the day.

In this ancient practise originating in the Buddhist tradition, a wooden mallet strikes a water-filled Tibetan copper bowl which in turn vibrates, creating a haunting, deeply soothing sound, radiating a healing energy to help unblock chakras. Participants can experience a deep feeling of peace as subtle, harmonic frequencies pulse through mind and soul, drawing one further into blissful oblivion. You don’t want to miss this! Book Healing Sound Bath


6:00PM – 7:15PM Lizzie’s back to lead us on a magical yoga journey combining both Yin and Yang elements in one class, creating a balanced practice with powerful effect to improve your energy levels!

Learn to connect with energy as it moves through your body. You’ll begin with a series of soft deep stretches on the floor, then transition into a more dynamic series of standing postures to get the energy moving through the body. Later, back onto the floor, you’ll work on deep Yin stretches targeting areas below the navel, allowing the body to sink into gentle intensity in each pose to align energy channels. Warm, gentle and satisfying. Book Yin Yang Yoga


Active BYL members already on any current BYL Package: If you’re a current BYL member on any valid BYL package (e.g. INTRO, 10 or 25 Class Pass, Subscription, etc.), simply book in as normal(we kindly ask that you book only the classes you will attend). Book and enjoy, you’re done!

First-Time Visitors to BYL Canary Wharf: If you’ve never registered at our Canary Wharf studio, please create your BYL profile and login on the BYL website. You will need to arrive 45 minutes ahead of your first class and bring a valid government issued photo ID. Choose from an INTRO OFFER, Double, or Drop-in as just some examples!

Hot Yoga Society members on HYS Flexi Pass/Subscriptions/365: If you have an active HYS Flexi Pass/Subscription/365 Day Pass, then once you’ve created your BYL profile and login, email [email protected] with your full name and HYS membership number, and your selected classe(s) (limit 2) on the 18 NOV schedule. Our staff will book you in (we kindly ask you only to book the class(es) that you will attend).

If you do not have an active BYL package or an HYS Flexi Pass/Subscription:

Enjoy a discounted ‘Single’ Drop-in or an even better value ‘Double’ (two class pass)! You’ll be prompted to enter your BYL login or create a new BYL profile when purchasing. Note, clicking the above links will take you to our MindBody site where you can log in using your normal BYL login details, or create a new login if you’re a first timer.