To all our lovely yogis!

As many of you may know, BYL has since its founding planned always to evolve and expand our yoga offerings at Canary Wharf, and grow to new locations, bringing our exciting brand of hot yoga to more Londoners of all levels, ages, and backgrounds.

Accordingly, it is with great pleasure, honour and excitement that we are announcing that, as of 1 October, 2017, BYL acquired the parent company of Hot Yoga Society (HYS), along with its flagship London Bridge studio which, along with BYL, has been one of the leaders in London’s rapidly expanding hot yoga movement.

HYS and its founder Olga Allon have built a wonderful community of their own, and the studio at London Bridge has thrived under a similar ethos and commitment to excellence that is core to BYL. So naturally, we loved the idea of bringing the London Bridge studio under the BYL umbrella, joining two of London’s hottest yoga communities together!

The London Bridge studio, which is located a 4-min walk from the Tube station, is notably larger than the Canary Wharf studio, with 30% more capacity, and brings an element that we feel will beautifully work with that of Canary Wharf. Plus, with two studios to choose from, BYL yogis can now explore an even greater variety of yoga styles and teachers!

While it will likely take us a few months to integrate our two operations, it is our aim that memberships will ultimately allow you the ability to practise at both locations, giving yogis from both studios additional flexibility and options in their practise schedule.

In the next few months, we are aiming to undertake a makeover at London Bridge to bring the studio in line with the ‘look and feel’ of our Canary Wharf location. As was done with Canary Wharf, we aim to schedule most of the London Bridge redesign works out of hours.

We hope you’re just as excited as we are at the additional benefits that being part of a larger yoga community can bring. Stay tuned as we’ll soon be revealing our new packages, offering a wider range of class schedule options, hosting more seminars, rolling out additional yoga styles that you may or may not have been able to experience previously; and, last but not least, we plan to offer exciting yoga retreats for the first time ever at BYL starting in 2018. Be on the lookout for ongoing announcements that will soon be coming your way.

Enjoy this beautiful Autumn, and be sure to get in lots of hot yoga with our diverse set of classes, ranging from our core platform of Bikram Yoga, all the way to our exciting new Inferno Pilatesclass that is currently under offer as a 6 week trial.

We are profoundly grateful that BYL enjoys such a wonderful and dedicated community, with yogis from all walks of life each on their own journey. We at BYL believe strongly in the idea of transformation, and for all our yogis, we hope you’ll agree that this is a big one. With the growing prospects now underway, we look forward to offering even more benefits to London’s growing hot yoga community.

Conny and Jay