2017 is a new year, bringing the opportunity for personal transformation as well as the chance to make a meaningful and positive impact on the world. Get your mat ready, because on 25 March, 2017, we are putting a real challenge to you. Join us for our sizzling Sweat Out Poverty charity fundraise and practise up to 5 hot yoga classes in one day while helping raise funds for Action On Poverty, a U.K. charity that transforms the lives of the world’s poorest.


JOIN US for an event-packed Saturday, 25 March. A number of members of the BYL hot yoga community have begun raising sponsorship funding to practise 3,4 or 5 hot yoga classes in aid of the UK charity Action On Poverty. The day will be filled with a fun take on all our classes, music, laughter, advanced posture demos, a free VitaCoco to the first 100 who show up to practise and post a photo on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram hashtag #SweatOutPoverty #Vitacoco Be sure to come practise a class! Even if you’re not a challenge participant, come visit and bring your friends and family on 25 March to lend your support! You’ll have a great time doing so!


Empowering through Entrepreneurship. With APT’s expertise, over a million people have become self reliant through a myriad of small enterprises. Now these people can help their communities build & sustain a brighter future. Better than a handout, it’s a hand up! Since 1984 APT have worked in a number of countries from Antigua to the Philippines and more currently sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. APT also collaborates and undertakes consultancy work for organisations such as Traidcraft, Oxfam and Practical Action. We hope you will join BYL, as have the likes of Dame Judi Dench, Jo Brand, Kevin Whately, Kate Humble, and so many others, in enabling this amazing organisation to continue to transform lives for the better! Join the Challenge! Register now by sending us an email, then call up your friends and colleagues to sponsor you. As you gather donations, make your donation on our MyDonate page! As a participant, not only will you be assisting a great cause, but you’ll elevate body and mind to new levels while burning up to 5000 calories or more! You can use any BYL package that allows you to take 3-5 classes in one day. If you don’t have a suitable package, we are offering a special APT Challenge Day Pass (£30) that allows practise for up to 5 classes on 25 March.

To buy the APT Challenge Day Pass click here.(Note, all are welcome to buy the day pass).


1. REGISTER now and receive your information pack! Registration Deadline: 14 March, 2017 Sponsor donations due by 25 March (the Challenge Day).

2. Today, start talking to your friends, colleagues and families to let them know that you’ll be practising between 3 and 5 classes on 25 March.

3. Raise as much money as you can! Visit our MyDonate page where you can begin logging your donations!

We are honoured to have such an amazing community of yogis at BYL Canary Wharf and we look forward to welcoming each of you to our upcoming Sweat Out Poverty Challenge.

In 2015, our Challengers raised over £6,400, placing us in the Top 1% of all fundraises on JustGiving that year! Get involved in your BYL community this 25 March as we burn thousands of calories to Sweat Out Poverty once again and have an absolute blast doing it! We estimate that over 250,000 calories were melted away at the studio on a single day of our last Challenge. So yogis, this year shall we aim to beat this?

Here’s what one participant, BYL regular and APTUK charity member Ericka had to say about our 2015 event:

“What great photos! I am sitting at work thinking this time last week we were just finishing class #2. It was such a great day and every time I see the photos it puts a smile on my face. Aren’t we a great crowd at Canary Wharf? But I have to say it is all down to Conny, Jay, Beth, Michal and all the staff at Canary Wharf. I have made some really good friends at BYL.  A great big thanks again to all participants for making it such a great day!”


Case Study – Sierra Leone:

During the long brutal conflict young people missed out on their education, only experiencing the devastation caused by war; their continued unemployment (75%) poses a serious threat to stability.  On top of this chronic poverty and the lack of income prevents parents and carers sending children to school.

Funds of the type raised by BYL have helped young people and carers of vulnerable families obtain vocational training and life-skills, facilitating apprenticeships and work placements, supporting new and existing enterprise activities, market linkages and micro-credit.  Together with APTUK’s partner MAPCO, and small grassroots organisations, young people are helping to rebuild their communities.

Mariama Kamara is disabled as a result of polio. Helped with training and a revolving loan she has developed a food processing business.  Mariama has no children – but she is taking care of four of her relatives’ children and their school expenses. She says with pride “I carry my burden and that of my dependants alone.  I am self reliant and I have people that sell my products on a commission basis which is a source of employment for them.”

Many people in Sierra Leone have been left without access to employment, funds, education, or resources because of the civil war and the Ebola outbreak – these are the gaps APT are trying to fill. They are working with partners MAPCO and CARD to help young people obtain vocational training and life-skills, this enables them to gain employment or start their own businesses. They are also working in vulnerable communities to provide revolving loan funds or seed loans, allowing people to access vital resources they need to provide for themselves and their families.


  • 97.3p goes on charitable activities
  • 1.6p is spent on raising income
  • 1.1p is spent on running the charity and on other costs

REGISTER now for the 25 March ‘Sweat Out Poverty’ Charity Challenge