Sit up straight’, ‘don’t slouch’, an all too familiar direction that you might have heard from your parents as a child. While some of their advice might be deemed outdated by modern standards, good posture is still a key indicator of a strong spine. 

As we age, incorrect postural alignment will impact our health just as negatively as a fatty diet, or sedentary lifestyle.

Core Connection

Executing repetitive movements incorrectly, a weak core, and overall muscle imbalance, greatly increases your risk of injury. A lack of muscular endurance leads to poor functional movement performing everyday tasks and a lifetime of discomfort. We are now living longer. Government statistics predict that by 2041, 1 in 4 people in the UK, around 20.7 individuals, will be aged 65 and over. With this in mind, developing optimal movement patterns in the body is just as essential as eating a balanced diet to support vitality in later life.   

Stretching and strengthening both the back and abdominal muscles prevents ailments such as lower back pain. The core is the powerhouse of the body and a healthy posture also reduces your risk of back strain. Developing strong, flexible, upper leg muscle will also give more support to your back.  

Inferno Hot Pilates is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility training

Inferno Hot Pilates, when performed correctly, is the perfect antidote to correcting postural deviation. The combined impact of strength and flexibility training will increase the efficacy of your musculoskeletal system.   

While many turn to IHP for the significant weight lost by combining heat with HIIT, the real benefit is skin deep. More than just a fitness fad, the Pilates technique builds fundamental strength in the pelvic floor, diaphragm and transverse abdominal. Hours spent gazing at phone screens, or hunched over keyboards, can lead to spinal instability. The result of this, a lifetime of incorrect posture.  

 Pilates can help to prevent or improve conditions like osteoporosis and neck pain. Regular practice tones the back muscles, providing more flexion and less stress on the vertebrae during movement. This can aid sufferers of kyphosis, lordosis and scoliosis.  

Want to know more? Join Level 3 Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher, Ted Chan, for our 2-hour Pilates Alignment Workshop, this Saturday 29th February, in Canary Wharf. Book your spot here.