Relax, Unwind, Rejuvenate!

Lovely BYL yogis!

We hope you are well. The past week has no doubt represented an ‘interesting’ adjustment for everyone, as we all settle into our temporary home routines in what is now a shared global experience! We have some good news to share with you on this beautiful, sunny day in London, which is that our first Live Streamed class will be held at 6PM this evening!

BYL teacher Lizzie, streaming in from Miami, Florida will be leading us through an amazing session of Yin & Meditation to help us all take a deep, long breath to prepare us for what could be a few weeks of confinement!

We are pleased to offer class entirely free of charge to anyone around the globe who wants to join, though please note that spaces will be limited as this is our first ever live test of our streaming system.

We may experience some glitches for which we apologise in advance and appreciate your patience as we work through them. As we are unable to work out of our studios today, tech support will be unfortunately a challenge to provide, though we will do our very best. Going forward, every class we hold will of course go more smoothly as any kinks are worked out.

To join this evening’s class, please follow the simple steps in the next section below.

Tomorrow we’re going fully online with an exciting mix of offerings being introduced day by day, from Hot Power Flow, to Jivamukti, Inferno Pilates, and of course, the original Bikram Yoga!



1. Download the Zoom app if you don’t have it.

This evening’s class, as well as all our future classes will be live streamed via Zoom videoconferencing. To participate, you will need to download the Zoom app onto your device. You can do so at the website here.

2. Book into class as usual on our website.

If you have an existing BYL login and password (whether or not you have an active membership), please log in here as normal, then book the class (there is no charge). If you don’t have an existing login, then please register here, then book yourself in to the free class.

3. You’ll receive a Fitgrid link around an hour before the class.

Do not click this straight away as the teacher will not start the class until around 15 minutes before the class. From around 5:45PM (GMT) onwards, please click the link and join into the session. Note, once you’re in, please be sure to mute your microphone within the Zoom app.

4. What you’ll need for this evening’s session.

Have a pillow handy, and if you want to play the class playlist while you practice, you can access the Spotify class playlist here. If you don’t have Spotify, there is both a free version (with ads), and they are advertising one month free of their premium (no ads) membership.


IMPORTANT: For the present time, all of our classes are being held online held via live video stream. As the studios are not staffed, and we have had a lot of recent email queries which we are working through, please bear with us as it will take us longer than usual to respond, however rest assured that we will do so in due course.

Regarding our live stream classes, your wellbeing is very important to us, and as you will be practicing without the physical presence of a teacher in the room to effectively observe your postures, do avoid pushing beyond your existing limits. By participating in our live stream classes, you agree that you will accept all responsibility for any injury you may sustain. Please avoid attending online sessions if you’re unsure as to your ability to practice safely. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you in our live stream classes.

Enjoy your practice, and see you in class!

Conny, Jay & the BYL Team