Join us for New Years Day on BYL Live! Click here to kick off 2021 and celebrate with an extra special class this Friday.
If you’re stuck for something fun to do this New Year’s Eve, read our list of six alternative ways to see in 2021.

The Mayor’s office has halted London’s traditional fireworks display, but that shouldn’t stop your festive fun. While the guest list is limited to your household, you can still enjoy your New Year’s Eve celebrations. Read on for six ways ring in January.

Create a vision board

Start to plan your year with a simple vision board by cutting out pictures representing changes you wish to make in your life. Choose images that inspire you, and focus on how each one makes you feel. When you select a picture, imagine yourself in that scenario, and set achievable goals. Challenge yourself to practice one yoga or Pilates one class a day and take advantage of the BYL sale before it ends at midnight tonight.

Watch Patti Smith and her band

Watch Patti Smith and her band Live on Youtube here. Rock around your living room from 11.45 pm GMT and enjoy a moving tribute in aid of NHS workers who passed away this year. 

Clean your house

In some traditions, cleaning your house on New Year’s Eve allows you to enter the next 12-months free of the past. It might not sound like the most fun, but spring cleaning your house can be a therapeutic activity. Click here to read Jessie Devlin’s blog on how to make tidying up a mindful exercise.

Join the House Party app

We all love Zoom, but if you download the free Houseparty app, you can easily upload your phone contacts and hang out with your loved ones for hours. Enjoy games like Pictionary and Heads Up with your mates or just chat away.

The Big New Year’s In

From 9 pm GMT, join Paddy Mcguinness and a host of stars on the BBC for The Big New Year’s In. Put your feet up, pop the telly on and celebrate with Graham Norton and Alicia Keyes. 

Make a family goal jar

Invite each member of your family to write a goal for the year ahead, and place it in an empty jar. Next year, set a date to open the jar and see if you’ve managed to achieve all of your goals.