Bikram is one of the most popular and most practiced type of yoga worldwide. Yoga in wider terms can run anywhere between still meditation to intense Ashtanga. The uniqueness of Bikram comes from its characteristic of practicing in a heated room, which supports both, the stretching and muscle strengthening. Many also believe that because it involves heavy sweating, Bikram yoga will automatically aid weight loss. What is being underestimated here is the impact of lifestyle on overall wellbeing, one is leading outside the hot yoga studio. There are a few things to the equation of Bikram yoga being an effective tool for weight-loss support.

Good nutrition habits

Sitting behind the computer for hours during the day, eating quick pre-packed lunches from the supermarket, drinking substantial amounts of non-organic coffee and tap water, breathing in city air, using conventional cosmetics, and then couch potato-ing in the evening while holding a bag of potato crisps… Adding all that up gives you a rough idea about just how much toxins do we put into our bodies on a daily basis. Our bodies work in amazing ways to eliminate as much toxins as possible, and sweating is one of the ways. The toxins the body does not manage to get rid of are however stored in our fat cells. There are things, like polluted air, that we simply cannot do much about, that’s true. But there is also a lot we can do without much of a hassle being involved. Switching to natural cosmetics, drinking purified water and eating healthy organic foods are three simple steps anyone can commit to. Overwhelmed? Make one change  a month. And start with what you put on your plate.


Same as your mind needs the time at night to rest, your entire body deserves a break. Switching to organic whole foods, adding more green vegetables and maybe even organic coffee, you are taking a load of toxins away, which will help the body to cleanse itself naturally and open the doors to detoxification of toxins from the fat cells. To take the detoxification process a step further and to boost your Bikram yoga efforts, it is beneficial to introduce organic cold pressed juices into your diet. Organic juices are an easy way to get vitamins and minerals straight into your system without adding any more toxic burden to the body. On contrary, you can think of them as a toxin-sweeping mechanism. And if you are feeling strong enough to go on a juice cleanse, you will give your digestive system a much needed break and provide the body with a precious time to rest, recover and rebuild itself.


Bikram yoga and organic cold pressed juices create an incredibly beneficial synergy of works where one supports the other. Staying active and moving is crucial, but it is equally important to nurture your body with healthy food and protect it from the harmful substances that can so easily find their way into our system.