Studio Protocols

Updated 04 June 2024

At the Studios

The following procedures are to help ensure we can all practice in the best possible environment.

  • Book online in advance (required): All visits must be booked in advance. Our system requires both the online booking as well as our keytag scan (see below) in to ensure attendees are both booked and confirmed.
  • Arrive 30 minutes early for your first class (15 mins if it’s not your first visit): To ensure a smooth check-in, please arrive at least 15 minutes before class if you’re already registered with us, or 30 minutes early if it’s your first visit.
  • Scan in with your BYL keytag (if you have been issued one): If you are on a BYL membership then you will have been issued a BYL keytag at your first visit. Please scan in with each time you visit as it ensures your attendance. If you don’t have your with you we’ll need to issue a replacement (nominal surcharge applies).
  • The studios are cashless
    • We no longer accept cash. You’re welcome to pay for items (e.g. mats, towels, water) using our contactless card machines or buy an Account Credit (£10, £20, etc.) and create a “tab” for future purchases. Many of our yogis have enjoyed using the Account Credit system as an easy way to avoid having to carry credit cards around.
  • Rent a clean mat or bring your own: As has been our practice since our founding, our rental mats are both sprayed and washed and dried completely after every use. You’re also welcome to bring or buy your own mat and towel. We also sell quality hot yoga mats and our popular BYL-branded yoga towels.
  • Out of courtesy, avoid dripping sweat on the floor in the yoga room and common areas:  Place a large towel on your yoga mat. Two towels are required if you sweat a lot. After class, please wipe yourself and mat down in the yoga room to keep all areas dry. This is just as a matter of courtesy and helps prevent slippage.
  • Only attend class if you’re in good health: If you’re feeling at all unwell (even if it’s just a cold), avoid attending the studios until you’re better. This simple protocol has always been in place to ensure everyone’s wellness.

Maintain a Small Footprint

  • Take no more than 2 minute showers to conserve energy: By restricting your shower time to conserve water and energy, it helps us keep our package prices competitive, and also ensures that fellow yogis can shower too, and staff can access the changing rooms for the cleandown after every class.
  • No phones or cameras in the yoga room. The yoga room is a tranquil space for your practice.
  • No colour liquids or chewing gum in the yoga room. Let’s keep the carpet pristine! Of course, we shampoo it regularly, too!
  • Finally, be kind to your fellow yogis who may be forgetful of a protocol. We’re all learning and adapting, and a gentle reminder is usually all it takes. 

Please note, the above protocols are important to follow for the health and wellbeing of our entire community, as well as that of the wider public; therefore, yogis who consistently neglect to follow any of our protocols may lose booking privileges without a refund. 

Class Schedule

We have voluntarily continued to limit our class capacity, though class sizes will be gradually increased over time.

Booking Your Classes in Advance

  • You’ll need to book online in advance of attending in order to secure your spot. Advance booking is required for all members and visitors.
  • If a class is booked up, you’re welcome to join our wait list. As previously booked clients cancel themselves, wait list spots will be released one by one.

 Cancelling Your Booking

  • 3 hour cancellation policy: If you are unable to attend your booked class, you can cancel your class without incurring any fees up to 3 hours before class begins. 
  • Late cancel window – final 3 hours: If you cancel your class within the late cancel window for any reason, you’ll be charged a reduced late cancel fee of £3 plus your class credit (however if you’re on a class pack then you’ll only lose the class credit).
  • If you you don’t attend and have not cancelled your booking: a £5 no-show fee or loss of your class credit will apply (i.e. if you’re on a class pack then you’ll only lose the class credit). Any fees will automatically be charged to your stored card. In order to allow everyone the opportunity to book, please cancel the class in your online account in advance if not attending. These fees apply regardless of the reason for canceling or not attending. 
  • Check in at least 10 minutes before class: Please ensure you’re checked in with our reception desk at least 10 minutes before class starts, as waiting list spots are released during the final 10 minutes. If you’re not at the studio by that time, your spot may be given away. 

Wait List Protocol

  • If a class is fully booked, you will have the option to join our wait list. If someone cancels more than 2 hours before class, you will be automatically moved up into the class and receive an email notification. If someone cancels less than 2 hours before class, you may be manually moved up, and it is recommended to contact the studio to check availability for the class. 
  • If you have been moved up into class, the same booking rules apply, and you will be charged if you do not show up.

As I Need to Book in Advance, Can I Buy a Package or Membership Online?

Certainly! BYL memberships, packages, gift cards and account top-ups can all be bought on our website Rates page.

We encourage you to secure a package or membership online to make your check-in process quick and smooth. If you need assistance or want to purchase in-studio, our front desk staff is also happy to help. 

When we founded BYL in 2009, we did so with a plan to make a real difference in people’s lives. That goal remains more than ever. We’re working to come out of this better, stronger and more appreciative on an individual level of the things that really matter.

We again thank you for your support, and hope you enjoy our clean, safe environment for your hot yoga and Pilates practice!

The BYL Team

This article will be updated from time to time to reflect any changes to guidance.