Ever imagine the amazing effects of 30 straight days of a hot yoga practise? JOIN the growing community of our yogis on BYL’s 30-DAY CHALLENGE and discover the benefits!

How the past year has flown, and it is behind us all now! Between our livestream and our studios, we’ve seen real transformation in the minds and levels of fitness of so many who have dedicated themselves to a weekly practice. Those who took the time during the past 12 months to learn a new skill, or to make a simple, regular fitness plan, the time has been transformative.Since we began the BYL 30 Day Challenge in 2009, it has taken on a whole new level of meaning as we’ve seen transformation happening all around us in every conceivable way.It is our core ethos that each individual is the agent of their change. Sometimes, all it takes is an incentive, or a push, which is why the BYL 30 Day Challenge has been so successful at inspiring people to set a goal and to see it unfold!Your achievement will come with dedication, hard work and the knowledge that with the right mindset, and support, you can do it! 

Positive change is definitely in the air!

For all who participate, the Challenge can be a powerful pivot into a brand new way of life using the momentum of hope that is all around us.

The BYL 30 Day Challenge is the perfect ‘reset’.  A difficult, gruelling, even life-changing journey into adversity and a deeper understanding of one’s ‘self’. When you complete 30 days in the hot room, you may well emerge with a new sense of purpose and confidence that carries into every facet of your amazing life.

Still not enough? Redefine your limits and practice 30 days at the studios starting any time between 1st & 15th FEBRUARY and get the BYL YOGA CHALLENGE T-Shirt FREE! PLUS, upon completion, enjoy a £25 BYL voucher or a 10% DISCOUNT on new non-subscription packages!The BYL Winter 30 Day Challenge is a powerful way to utilise the momentum of change and begin your own transformation and achieve your goals.

We like to call it the ‘Comeback Challenge’, an event that defines the individual’s intention to grow out of adversity.So, what can you achieve in 30 days? 

REGISTER NOW for BYL’s 30-DAY CHALLENGE and experience the amazing benefits to mind, body and asanas!


Practise 30 straight days at the studio. It’s that simple. You can take any classes on our schedule, such as the original Bikram Yoga (90/60), Warm Jivamukti, Hot Vinyasa Flow, Hot Power Flow, Bikram Yoga Candlelit and even BYL Music Beats Express. If you miss a day of your Challenge, not to worry, just make it up with a double anytime within the 30 days – you can do that up to to 3 times in total during your Challenge.


  • Select a start date between 1-15 FEBRUARY
  • Upon completion, receive a £25 BYL voucher* towards any studio purchases or packages, or 10% off any non-subscription packages.

When you complete, receive a FREE new design BYL YOGA CHALLENGE T-Shirt to prove you did it! ALSO, enjoy a £25 BYL voucher towards any studio purchases, or a 10% DISCOUNT on any non-subscription packages (please note, discounts cannot be combined).

  • Voucher only available once per year per client



* 30 Day Challenge Terms and Conditions To receive your Challenge T-Shirt and Voucher or Discount simply satisfy the following:1) Practice 30 classes within 30 days. You can miss up to 3 classes but must make them up with doubles during that time.

2) You must practice at the hot studios (Canary Wharf and/or London Bridge). Online classes will not count.3) At least 3 times during your Challenge, post a selfie on Instagram and tag @bikramyogalondon with the hashtags #GetYourSweatOn and #BYL30DayChallenge  By meeting the above requirements you’ll receive a £25 BYL voucher or a 10% discount on new non-subscription packages. There is a limit one voucher or discount per person in any 12 month period. Voucher has no cash value.

Please note, due to social distancing measures at our studios we will not be performing the Body Tracker analysis for the 30 Day Challenge.