Challenge your balance with Bird of Paradise, Svarga Dvijasana, a deep hip opener that tests your core strength, hamstrings and your back. Before you attempt this pose ensure that you thoroughly warm up with a yoga class.

Spread your wings with BYL community member Paula

Start in Trikanasana (Triangle Pose) with your right toes facing the front of your mat, pivot your left foot toes inwards to 45 degrees. On an inhale press into your left foot as you exhale and place the right arm under the right thigh, taking the left arm behind your back to clasp the wrist.

With a firm clasp of your hands, step the left leg forwards, turning the toes to face the front of the mat. Shift your weight into the left foot and come on to the ball of the right foot, establishing a firm grip of your hands, start to lift your right leg.

Spread the weight evenly across the four corners of your left foot, rooting down into the standing leg. Spread the toes on your right foot, keeping the right knee bent as you lift the torso.

With a firm stance, spread your chest, like a proud bird. Engage your back muscles and lengthen your right leg to the sky. Firm your quadriceps. Do not swing the left hip outwards but broaden across the chest extending your crown towards the sky.