WHEN DID YOU START PRACTICING HOT YOGA? I first tried it in June 2006 but have continuously practiced since 13 October 2014.

WHAT MOTIVATED YOU TO TRY HOT YOGA? Friends recommended it to me and since then I have recommended it to many others! I used to do Ashtanga but was more drawn to Bikram due to the amazing feeling after class. I first thought doing the same postures would be an issue, but after all these years I am still practising! There’s always room for improvement and I’m far from where I would like my practice to be. I enjoy a great sense of achievement when I can do something new in class!

WHAT BENEFITS HAVE YOU FELT FROM DOING HOT YOGA, AND HOW HAS IT INSPIRED YOU? I do this for mental wellbeing and positive energy. It really clears your head! You’re more in tune with yourself and of course you’ll trim down and lose weight too! Your skin gets amazing and smooth. I’ve never completed a class and not felt great for doing it. I also think you get the perfect body for you, I love the muscle definition as you are using your own body weight.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE SOMEONE JUST STARTING YOGA? Stick at it!! Go as many times as possible at the start, you’ll be surprised how quickly your body gets used to the heat. I would also recommend doing the 30 Day Challenge. I finally did it last October and saw huge improvements. I find a minimum of 3 classes a week is a great way to stay on top of your practise and goals.