Testimonial, EVA K.

Dear Yogis,

I would like to share my experience how Yoga can improve a life.

I have always been active since I was 14 years old.

Fitness, cycling, swimming, hiking, running, table tennis, spinning, dancing….

When I moved to London my lifestyle changed. For the first 2 years I was chasing my career, working hard, putting in plenty of overtime hours, highly committed to the job and no personal life.

After this “high speed run” I found myself drained, with no energy, a few kilos heavier and exhausted.

I had a problem to focus, I was stressed, easily irritated and generally not content with the direction in my life.

A friend had told me about Bikram even before I had made the move to London, but I found the idea of doing yoga boring!   

One day I dropped into the Soho studio and tried, but still felt that a more ‘dynamic’ sport would be better for me.

By this time my stress level got worse as I was having problems in my personal life. I went to a studio in Primrose Hill and I felt different this time.

After a month of daily practice I realized that I was much calmer and able to express myself during the class. I found there is no judgement [in Bikram Yoga] so any emotion can come out which is the best medicine as there is nothing worse than suppressed feelings.

I became a member at BYL in April 2018, practicing even 5 times a week and all I can say is a big THANK YOU for great classes leading by amazing teachers.

I work at  a night time and also study so I need a lot of energy which Bikram Yoga helps to release in a fantastic way.   

After 7 months of hard work I finally finished my studies and am receiving my Natural Health Diploma which opens up new possibilities in my life.

Bikram Yoga has helped me with:

➢ Positive thinking ➢ Losing weight ➢ Balancing hormones ➢ Eating healthy and regularly ➢ Getting connected with Body and Mind ➢ Focus ➢ Stress ➢ Physical and Mental Strength ➢ Creativity ➢ Expressing myself ➢ Energy level ➢ Ability to work at a night time with no cravings and staying focused ➢ Work performance went up ➢ I smile more often ➢ I take life easier ➢ Sleep (night time job) ➢ Having a bigger picture over life ➢ I make a fun of myself ➢ Body imbalances ➢ Any pain caused by stress ➢ Proper breathing ➢ Flexibility ➢ Balance in life ➢ Self – acceptance ➢ Self – love ➢ Self – awareness ➢ Wisdom ➢ Self – realization

There are so many types of Yoga but I also strongly believe that a healthy lifestyle including proper diet, balance between work and personal life and general contentment leads to a happy healthy feeling of wellbeing 🙂

Thanks again to all teachers and staff at BYL.

Namaste 🙂