As the current WKA Muay Thai world champion, I’ve had to earn my place in this sport, overcoming odds that extended beyond my competition. I live for Muay Thai, and my love for the sport coupled with determination to achieve something in my career have driven me to be the best I can be. As one might imagine, this means maintaining an excellent diet, and engaging in rigorous training to improve my conditioning.

Like other dedicated athletes, I’m always looking for ways to take my capabilities to the next level, which is how I discovered Bikram yoga. I’d heard from other professional and amateur athletes at my gym, that there was this studio in Canary Wharf that was on the forefront of some pretty amazing stuff, teaching something called Bikram yoga. I needed a better approach in order to help strengthen and eliminate lactic acid from my body after a hard intense kickboxing session so I had to try.

My first session at the Canary Wharf studio (back in 2013!) was intense and refreshing at the same time. I felt an immense release, like with a deep massage, and couldn’t wait to come back for more. Through my further practise I found that Bikram yoga did more than purge lactic acid from my body – it was powerful in helping me develop a more focused mind, and more self awareness. I love the practice of Bikram yoga as a complement to my otherwise brutal Muay Thai training. It creates harmony in my life and I’m happy to be part of the wonderful BYL community. I even tell all my friends about it! If you’re still thinking about it, my advice is to just do it!