30 October 2:00PM-4:30PM – Canary Wharf Studio

We hope you’re finding your groove back in 2021 as we head into Autumn. The energy at the studios is picking up as yogis return to the hot room!

To kick things off, we have our first Backbending workshop since 2019, designed for all of you who want to develop more flexibility in your spine and get your backbends to go deeper!

We welcome and encourage all levels to attend, from total beginners to the most advanced yogis, to attend! It’s going to sell out so book your space quickly!

Want to learn how to walk the wall safely or take your camel pose to the next stage of practice?

At BYL, we are excited to host our first in studio Backbend workshop since we have re-opened and look forward to offering an inclusive and community building experience, where you can experience and increase your knowledge of your physical body and yoga practice.

The workshop is open to all levels of practitioners from beginners to advanced practitioners who are curious about moving their bodies and practices to a deeper level. Learning to access greater mobility in the spine for full, deep backbends.

> Learn how to develop deeper backbends, safely and effectively
> Explore the anatomy of the spine & key benefits of back bending
> Gain valuable tips & techniques to apply in your practise
> Learn directly from Senior Teacher and Yoga Author Sam Magee
> Align movement & breath to improve spine flexibility
> ALL welcome, Beginners to Advanced

The workshop is designed to impart knowledge, skills, top tips and strong techniques with asana practice in a safe, friendly and fun environment. Plenty of time to ask questions and to work your body in an accessible way in a warm studio.

> Book via our MindBody site

Now here is the Why for the body and mind? Backbends increase spinal movement, flow of energy, enhanced central nervous system health and overall radiance. Most people in daily life barely do any back bending and lose mobility of the spine which can be on a simple level restricting or on a greater level debilitating when experiencing serious back pain.

Why attend a workshop, when you have a regular yoga practice? Workshops allow you to have a dedicated time to listen and learn in a more committed and concentrated manner within your yoga community. Your regular yoga practice is about discipline, commitment and development but often without always the knowledge of how to fully improve technique, alignment and what is the next step to move the body and asana practice onwards and upwards.

Book now to join this dynamic workshop and learn from Sam Magee, an advanced practitioner and experienced yogini and teacher, to move your body and spine better. Spaces are limited as we adhere to proper social distancing protocol, so take this opportunity to commit to you and your yoga journey now!

WORKSHOP: Bikram Yoga Backbends
DATE: Saturday, 30 OCTOBER, 2PM-4:30PM
LOCATION: Bikram Yoga Canary Wharf
BRING: Mat, Towel(s) and Water
RATE: £30 for 2 1/2 hour workshop (Early Bird £25 thru 10 October!)

> Book via our MindBody site

A Few Past Workshop Reviews

“Sam is a superb teacher! The workshop covered anatomy with demonstrations of the poses and lots of tips and techniques which I have already integrated into my practice.”

“I would thoroughly recommend Sam’s workshop to anyone from a complete beginner to more advanced students. It was professionally run, very comprehensive and good value for money.” ~ Dierdre C.

“The workshop was wonderful. I learned a lot and it helped me understand yoga better. My perception of yoga has shifted to a new level, a more enriching one.” ~ Stasa B.