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At BYL we offer you an array of hot yoga classes. All our classes are suitable for beginners through to advanced practitioners, so booking is easy! We recommend that you book in advance for our busy classes to avoid disappointment. However, you can just turn up to grab a space on the day.

Off-peak classes are  those starting from the first class of the day up to and including any 4:30 pm class on Monday to Friday, and all weekend long (though please note, if you purchased a package at London Bridge prior to 1 October 2017 the off-peak rules may differ to these).

Don’t forget to read our cancellation policy and online booking terms in our Terms & Conditions. Please note, if you don’t cancel your booking online at least 2 hours before the class starts and you fail to turn up, you may lose a class or your booking rights. But we have kept the cancellation window to a minimum so that it gives you maximum flexibility!

We are sorry but we do not accept telephone or email bookings or cancellations.


Your wellbeing is very important to us, and as you attend our LiveStream classes remotely, please bear in mind that you will be practicing without the physical presence of a teacher in the room who could otherwise effectively observe your postures. It is therefore important you take your practice gently and avoid pushing beyond your existing limits. Please maintain a safe practice area which is free and clear of any obstructions and trip hazards that may cause injury. We recommend having another person in your premises with you to ensure your wellbeing in the event of injury. By participating in our LiveStream classes, you agree that you will accept all responsibility for any injury you may sustain, therefore we recommend you avoid practicing in online sessions if you’re unsure as to your ability to do so safely.