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Advanced Yoga Asanas

120 min
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Finding that you’re able to handle the Bikram beginners series, and wondered where you can take your practice beyond the normal 26 asana Bikram class?

The Intermediate (55 postures) and Advanced (84 postures) classes are for students with a regular practise of minimum 3 times week of 90 minutes classes, ideally have been practising regularly for over a year or more, that are committed to their yoga practice and have a desire to improve their overall skills and knowledge. There is no age limit although the classes are more vigorous than a regular class.

Expect to be challenged both physically and mentally as the classes require stamina and increased strength and flexibility, but in a supportive and fun way. These classes are less dialogue based and more about just trying, committing and experiencing what is possible in the mind and body.

These classes are challenging, community based and are less formal that open classes on the schedule, so expect to work hard, laugh and receive more individual attention to help you grow your overall yoga experience!

The Intermediate class is a 55 posture sequence in 90 mins and Advanced is 84 postures in 2 hours, so the pace for both classes is relatively quick, but if its too intense, then you’re welcome to just sit down and watch and join in when your energy returns!

Sundays – Intermediate class is open to the public and is a great stepping stone with 55 postures to have a deeper asana experience in preparation for the advanced class.

The Advanced class is a carefully constructed sequence of 84 asanas that will challenge your body and mind to limits that you did not think were possible.

Key Benefits of the Classes

  • Small group size, so more personal and casual
  • Guided by advanced level teachers and practitioners
  • Welcoming and supportive environment to develop your practice
  • Become part of the class and advanced yoga community
  • Gain deeper knowledge and experience of the Bikram 26/2 series and more advanced asanas

The Intermediate and Advanced classes provide a complete breakdown of these challenging postures under careful guidance and encouragement. Prepare your body to continue to grow and develop your practice as you sweat, struggle, laugh, and even cry yourself to a stronger, more flexible body and mind.

The best way for the body and mind to grow is to be continuously stretched to their limits. Its easy to stick to your routine and move through your everyday motions; however, growth comes from new challenges and striving for new levels of experience within the body and mind. The intermediate and advanced series is a perfect opportunity to learn new postures, new techniques, within a supportive and more personal environment.

You will be amazed at how your postures and overall practice develops in a short space of time!

Sundays – Intermediate class is open to the public and is a great stepping stone with 55 postures to have a deeper asana experience in preparation for the advanced class.

For yogis who have reached a good level of proficiency in the beginners class. Approx 120 minutes.

  • Wednesday (London Bridge) – 120 mins  – Advanced 84 posture sequence (teacher approval)*
  • Saturday (Canary Wharf) – 120 mins – Advanced 84 posture sequence (teacher approval)*
  • Sunday (Intermediate – London Bridge) – open to all, except to Intro Offer and other new students

* In order to attend the Advanced classes that have been designated as  “teacher approval” please talk to any teacher at our studios to see if you might be ready. Please enquire at the studio about special Advanced class pricing and access rules.



“I’ve practiced the advanced set with with Sam for over two years and it’s really helped build my strength and flexibility. I see the benefits in both Bikram and Vinyasa classes. Classes have a great atmosphere, it’s like a workshop and you really get the help and support on the things you need.” – Elliott W. Winner of UK Men’s Yoga Asana Competition 2018

“The Advanced class is an amazing way to take your practice that ‘one step’ further & then take what you’ve learned into your regular Bikram class. Body changes faster, postures begin to make more sense, and friendships with fellow yogis (on and off the mat) get stronger.
Coming to the Advanced class, you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.”
Radka B – student



Is the Advanced class suitable for beginners?

Our Advanced class is suitable for those practitioners who are comfortably handling our Bikram Yoga class, and can easily manage Standing Head to Knee and Toe Stand. If you feel this may be you, then come talk to one of our senior teachers about trying Advanced.

What do I need to bring?

For all our classes you’ll need a yoga mat, two large towels and a bottle of water (all these items are rentable at the studio).

What is the temperature? Will it be manageable for me?

The classes are done at an ambient 36C. You'll generate a natural internal heat as you practice.

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