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The most common questions we receive!

I've never done yoga. I'm inflexible. Is it for me?

One of the many benefits of your hot yoga practise is that your flexibility will improve! We have a core range of warm and hot yoga styles for beginners! We recommend starting with our Bikram yoga classes, though many beginners love our Warm Jivamukti, Hot Power Flow and Vinyasa Flow classes too! Anyone can do it, no matter your age or level of fitness!

Is it really hot like a sauna?

No, it's more like being on a tropical beach! Our Bikram classes are about 42 degrees – much, much cooler than a sauna! We also have even cooler classes. Our Warm Jivamukti, Hot Power and Vinyasa classes are held at a merely warm 35 degrees.

You'll soon get used to the beautiful heat, which helps warm up your muscles and whole body allowing for a safer stretch without risking injury, while helping detoxify your body.

Can I lose weight?

Absolutely. While every person is different, students have lost 20-30 kg (up to 5 stone in a few months). Weight loss is one of the main motives many people have for commencing their yoga practise at BYL.

Do real men do yoga?

About 30% of our clients are men. In fact, we've had professional football players, boxers, kickboxers, weightlifters and other athletes looking to raise their game! Men love hot yoga because they get strength, flexibility, cardio and meditation in the same workout and it shows real results in terms of fitness, toning and weight loss and also in major stress reduction.

How does hot yoga compare to the gym?

Activities such as lifting weights at the gym, or spinning, can be great at building large muscles, while hot yoga tends to create a longer, leaner, more toned look. As London's leading hot yoga specialist, our dedicated, state of the art studio offers a core set of styles centred around the world's original hot yoga series, Bikram yoga.

The yoga at BYL is practised in a room warmed to our exacting temperatures, offering a combination of health benefits, including flexibility and strength, combined with an intense cardio workout, and detoxification. This can lead to better sleep, healthier skin, better focus, concentration and improved productivity at work. The group setting is highly motivating and energising and classes fly by!

I have had an injury or operation. Can I do hot yoga?

Bikram yoga is used by practitioners worldwide to help them recover from injuries or operations. Movement in a heated room helps heal injuries as it warms up muscles and ligaments, increasing blood circulation to move new oxygen to the injured area. This supports the healing process by supporting cell rejuvenation and breaking up internal scar tissue. We recommend getting advice from your physician in advance as every case can be different.

Do I have to come every day on the intro offer?

No, the INTRO OFFER expires 20 calendar days from the first class booked or taken, then you decide if you want to continue. It doesn't roll automatically into a new membership. Try to attend at least 4-5 classes during the 20 day trial as we believe you're going to love the results! If you plan to continue, be sure to get your next package while your INTRO OFFER is still active as you’ll get a discount on it!

I have asthma, can hot yoga help?

BYL has lots of students who are chronic asthma sufferers practising Bikram Yoga as well as other ‘warm’ and ‘hot’ styles at our studio. We believe that improvement in lung function can be an expected outcome of regular practise. One of the aims of hot yoga is to help open up the lungs to make breathing easier and more efficient, resulting in potentially life-changing improvements for chronic asthma sufferers.

We practise using the lungs more fully through specialised Pranayama breathing techniques. Employing slow, controlled breathing, Pranayama is designed to reduce inflammation in the airways and improve oxygen flow. A major added benefit is that aside from its significant potential to improve one’s physical fitness, hot yoga can be a powerful stress-reliever which may help prevent asthma triggers.

We encourage newcomers to take it slowly at first, but stay consistent to allow the process the benefit of time, as we believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If you use an inhaler you are indeed welcome to bring it into class.

What will I need to bring?

You'll need a yoga mat, a towel to place on the mat (an extra towel may be helpful if showering at the studios), and a bottle of water.
All of these items can be rented/purchased at the studios.

On your first visit, you'll also need to bring a government issued photo ID so that we can complete your registration at the studios.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, advance booking is required. You can register, buy the INTRO OFFER and book your classes online. If you need any help with booking, please call or email us and we'll be happy to assist.

Where are the studios located?

Canary Wharf Studio / 4 Beaufort Court / Admirals Way / London E14 9XL. A short 3 min walk from Canary Wharf Tube and 2 min from South Quay DLR. The studio is directly next to the Hilton Hotel Canary Wharf. View our Contact page here for directions.
London Bridge Studio / 1A Magdalen Street, London SE1 2EN. Located just moments away from the new exit at the London Bridge station! As the station has several exits, we recommend locating the new exit onto Tooley Street. Exit right at Tooley Street, walk past the pub and cross Bermondsey street, passing Chilango. Continue for a minute until you reach Bursar Street (you'll see Carve on the corner) and turn right. You'll immediately be on Magdalen Street, where you turn left and see our sign straight ahead.

What are my options after my intro offer is finished?

We have lots of different packages depending on your usage and preferences, from monthly passes, 10-class cards to our popular subscriptions, both PEAK and OFF-PEAK. See our Rates page for more. If you're on the INTRO OFFER and enjoying the yoga sign up for your next package before your INTRO OFFER is over to get a discount!

What should I wear for my class?

You will need clothing that is close-fitting, breathable and lightweight for your hot yoga class. Avoid baggy clothing.

Women wear sports tops and bottoms. Men wear shorts or swim trunks.

Note, if you don’t have the right gear, don’t worry as our fully stocked retail section features the latest yoga fashions and sticky mats, all designed for your hot yoga practise!

Do you have lockers?

Free mid-sized lockers are available at both our locations and work as follows:

At Canary Wharf lockers work with electronic pass codes
At London Bridge, you’ll need a small padlock which you can bring or buy at the studio

Do you have shower facilities?

Yes, our studios have shower facilities and hairdryers.

How busy are the classes?

It varies between off-peak and peak classes. Off-peak (morning) classes are less busy than Peak (evening) classes which can get quite busy! We restrict signups to below our capacity to ensure everyone has plenty of space.

How many classes do you offer per day?

Our two studio locations are open 7 days a week, excluding holidays and any special closures. Each studio typically offers around 5-8 classes daily, from early morning to late evening. Please check our class schedule.

Does my intro offer automatically roll into a new membership?

No, the INTRO OFFER expires 20 calendar days from the first class booked or taken, then you decide if you want to continue. It doesn't roll automatically into a new membership. Try to attend at least 4-5 classes during the 20 day trial as we believe you're going to love the results! If you plan to continue, be sure to get your next package while your INTRO OFFER is still active as you’ll get a discount on it!

Are your memberships freezable?

All of our monthly subscriptions, including the PEAK, OFF-PEAK and WEEKENDER subscriptions, plus our Annual Upfront memberships are freezable once a year. A freeze fee may apply (see package T&C’s). Our non-rolling memberships, such as class packs, are not freezable. Please see our Rates page for individual package terms.