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BYL Annual Unlimited Paid In Advance is a straightforward package, offered at a lovely discount as it’s paid upfront.  Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but one may wonder, why the discount? Well, technically it boils down to a bit of simple finance (or not so simple if you consider that Markowitz, Miller and Sharpe won the 1990 Nobel prize for theories related to calculating the appropriate discount rate used to determine the net present value of a stream of income…but we digress.)

So let’s break it down into perhaps terms that we mere mortals may perhaps more easily relate to! With one, low upfront payment, grab a great package at a great price giving you full, unlimited access to all our classes, any day, any time, for one full year!


  • Valid for 1 calendar year from first class booked/taken
  • Attend any class, any time (excludes workshops and seminars)
  • You can attend multiple classes per day
  • You have 12 months to activate the pass
  • Freezable once per year, up to 3 consecutive months (fee applies)