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Introductory offer

20 DAYS for £40


Welcome to BYL’s sizzling hot Intro Offer, which for a flat rate of just £40 gives you 20 days to try out all of our hot yoga styles, 7 days a week across our two prime London locations, Canary Wharf and London Bridge! You don’t have to come every day, but we recommend getting in at least 5 or 6 classes over the 20 day period.

This offer is a one time offer for yogis who have never visited our Canary Wharf or London Bridge locations, and is the best way to try out Bikram Yoga along with all of our other superb hot yoga styles on offer with London’s top hot yoga and HIIT Pilates instructors!

Whether you’re seeking to lose weight, get more flexible, detoxify, overcome an injury, illness or stress, or simply learn to experience true calm in the chaos of the world around you, the important thing is to give yourself a chance, and give the process time. Yoga is ‘sadhana’, a methodical discipline to attain a goal.

We created our immensely popular Intro Offer to allow newcomers to try out all the exciting yoga styles for which BYL is renowned worldwide! The first class can be the most challenging but it definitely gets to be easier as your body begins to adapt and improve. Often this can be felt within just a few classes, which is why we offer such a long 20 day run for newcomers to begin discovering the benefits!

Buy now, activate at first visit/booking! Relax, the 20 days only begin counting on the Intro Offer when your package is first activated (activation is defined by the class being booked or attended). That means you can buy it now, and it will only activate from the date of the first class that you have booked online, or actually practised. The pass will expire 20 days from when you book or take your first class, so use it or lose it!

To ensure you don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity, get started now while the offer is still on!


  • Valid for 20 calendar days from first class booked/taken
  • One time offer for those who have never visited the Canary Wharf or London Bridge locations
  • Attend any class up to once a day
  • You have 12 months to activate the pass
  • Once activated, pass can't be frozen/extended for sickness, holidays, absences
  • General studio T&C’s apply