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The single yoga class Drop-In (Livestream) is the most flexible, commitment-free option we offer, though purchasing a single class is only recommended if you plan to visit us only once.

If you plan to visit more than once, even with stretches of absence, it’s likely that one of our other packages could represent a better bargain. During the corona closure, as we’re offering our classes online you can get our Drop-In at our special live stream rate of £12!

If you’re a first-timer to our Livestream, we highly recommend that you begin instead with our 20 DAY LIVESTREAM WELCOME OFFER which gives you a long, relaxed stretch to enjoy the range of classes and community features that BYL has to offer.


  • Valid for 1 class booked/taken
  • Attend any single Livestream class, any time (excludes workshops and seminars)
  • You have 12 months to activate the pass
  • Once activated, the pass cannot be frozen or extended for sickness, holidays or absences
  • General studio T&C’s apply