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Enjoy our short term, fully unlimited option, the easy Traveler’s Week Pass that’s packed with value for one low price. You’ll benefit from an entire 7 calendar period to attend any classes, and as many as you want to per day! This pass makes sense if you don’t need a long term option, and will get at least 3 classes in during the 7 day period.

One can say we’re all just travellers through the amazing journey of life, hence the ’Traveler’s Week’ pass is available to everyone, even to local UK residents!

So whether you’re an out-of-town visitor, or simply a Londoner craving your hot yoga fix, enjoy this fantastic week-long pass to all the exciting hot yoga styles we have on offer!


  • Available to all, visitors and locals
  • Valid for 7 days from first class booked/taken
  • Attend any class, any time (excludes workshops and seminars)
  • You can attend multiple classes per day
  • You have 12 months to activate the pass
  • Once activated, pass can't be frozen/extended for sickness, holidays, absences