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Studio Etiquette

A Positive, uplifting & respectful environment

Thank you for being a part of our beautiful Bikram Yoga London community! We seek to maintain a positive, uplifting and respectful environment for all students, teachers and staff. Accordingly, below are a few guidelines of etiquette we like to encourage and follow:


  • Please arrive early as there is no entry after class has started.
  • Always scan in with your BYL keytag. If you’ve lost it, we’re happy to issue a new one (small fee applies).
  • Shoes must be removed immediately upon arrival and placed on the shoe shelf (shoes aren’t allowed in the changing rooms).
  • Only a mat, towels & water are permitted in the yoga room (e.g. no coloured drinks, chewing gum, foods, phones, bags or other personal belongings).
  • No talking is permitted inside the yoga room except by the teacher.
  • Place a large towel on your yoga mat. Two towels are required if you’re lucky enough to sweat a lot.
  • After class, kindly wipe yourself and mat down in the yoga room to keep all areas dry.
  • No shaving, eggs or other unconventional treatments in the showers are permitted.
  • Please use roll-on deodorants rather than aerosols in the changing rooms as some yogis are sensitive to the strong scents.
  • Towel dry before exiting the showers to keep the changing room floors dry.
  • ONLY exit to the outside atrium after class when FULLY DRESSED (with shoes on).
  • Please respect your fellow yogis, and community and enjoy the amazing journey ahead.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


> Next, please review our updated wellness protocols