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Andy Slim Black

BYL Hot Power Flow, Dynamic Vinyasa

You're ready. It's time. Believe you can do it."

Andy Slim Black
Originally from: London, UK
  • BYL Hot Power Flow
  • Dynamic Vinyasa
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Andy, a devoted yogi, lives and breathes yoga. It transports him out of his mind and into a realm of fun and discovery. The exhilaration of stepping out of the studio leaves him feeling taller, happier, and ready to embrace love, laughter, and connection with the world beyond.

Beyond the mat, Andy wears multiple hats. He’s not only a yogi but also a party DJ and a musician. His passion for music seamlessly intertwines with his yoga practice. During his classes, he weaves his favourite songs into the flow, creating a harmonious blend of movement and rhythm. His musical journey has taken him to remarkable places: from opening the main stage at Coachella Festival in the US to spinning tunes for 60 yogis at Lululemon in Chelsea. And let’s not forget the impromptu block party he DJ’ed in a car park in Hackney Wick!

Teaching at Bikram Yoga Canary Wharf (BYL) brings Andy immense joy. His students are a lively bunch, always willing to explore new horizons. His Hot Power Flow classes diverge from the traditional Bikram sequencing, offering a refreshing perspective. His students approach their practice with dedication, yet they embrace imperfection with laughter. Week after week, they return, creating a vibrant community.

For those seeking to enhance their yoga journey, Andy imparts this mantra: “I am exactly where I need to be.” From this centered place, growth unfolds.