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Beth Crivelli

Bikram Yoga, Dynamic Vinyasa

Don't wait for change. Make it happen."

Beth Crivelli
Originally from: Umbria, Italy
  • Bikram Yoga
  • Dynamic Vinyasa
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When I first opened the door into the Bikram studio I felt invincible. After years of hard core competition swimming and running I felt no physical activity was insurmountable, especially not yoga. I was wrong. As I walked into the studio I felt a wave of hot air and thought there is no way I am doing exercise in this room for 90 minutes. Somehow I managed it and every time I found myself in the room I enjoyed it a bit more, felt a bit stronger, stopped looking at the clock for a bit longer and started listening to the teacher’s words a bit more.

In 2011 disenchanted by my fashion career I decided to swap luxury rags for sweaty shorts to become a certified Bikram teacher.

Through years of teaching and practicing different styles of yoga I realised the magnitude of what Yoga really is – a physical, spiritual and ethical practice. I have since trained in Vinyasa flow and taken a number of anatomy courses. As well as teaching Bikram yoga and Vinyasa flow, I am currently training in Jivamukti yoga and in biomechanics / yoga therapy.

I have come to realise the extent to which we all have different bodies and different life experiences and these create a unique life story for each of us. We all have an Achilles heel after all and once you find it and accept it you are ready to address it… and that’s half of the journey- awareness and acceptance, peeling away the emotional, mental, physiological and physical layers which hold us back.

Yoga has stretched, healed and strengthened my body, belief system, soul and mind in unexpected and amazing ways. Practicing can be hard especially at the start, but stick to it! The benefits are solid. It continuously challenges you. The practice of yoga is a harmonising self-study, which helps to align one with inner and outer peace.It changes and shapes you in ways you will not believe.