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Bridgett Ane Goddard

Bikram Yoga, Dynamic Vinyasa

Let go of fear and commit to your Bikram practice. The results will speak for themselves."

Bridgett Ane Goddard
Originally from: Chicago, USA
  • Bikram Yoga
  • Dynamic Vinyasa
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Originally an actress and performer from Chicago, Bridgett Ane began Hatha Yoga in 1995, went on to study Ashtanga, Iyengar and Vinyasa, and was finally introduced to Bikram Yoga in 2000, while living in New York City. Fascinated with the series’ systematic approach and perfect balance of mind & body, the original hot yoga became her method of choice. Having graduated from Bikram Yoga teacher training in 2006, she has since taught classes, workshops, yoga retreats and advanced seminars all over the world, including her own hot yoga studio in Brighton, which she has owned since 2010. BA also graduated from Jared McCann’s Vinyasa Training in 2016.

Although not naturally flexible, BA’s dedication and approach towards developing a strong practice has enabled her to reshape her body and life to the extent that she represented the UK at the International Yoga Asana Championships 3 times, placing 11th in the world in 2013. A graduate of Ithaca College with a BFA in Acting, she loves the stage and still performs both as an actor and a dancer. She loves writing and has been published in a number of journals, including Yoga Magazine.

Grateful to recognise the unlimited potential within all of us, BA encourages students to have faith in the Bikram series, to let go of judgment or fear and to practice forgiveness, courage and compassion. Her class is a tantalising and inspiring experience, which you can enjoy every Monday eve at London Bridge.