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Brigita Zajanckauskiene

Bikram Yoga, Kundalini & Gong Bath

Nothing is impossible as long as you WANT and BELIEVE!"

Brigita Zajanckauskiene
Originally from: Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Bikram Yoga
  • Kundalini & Gong Bath
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Physically active from an early age, I tried many forms of exercise in the pursuit of completing/finding myself. Over the years I made numerous changes to my fitness regimes, ranging from swimming to running on a daily basis and from aerobics to various stretching exercises. One New Year’s morning in 2012 I decided to drop into Bikram Yoga London Canary Wharf. In my very first class, I experienced a detoxification of both the mind and the body and felt more relaxed than I could ever recall.

I continued coming back on a daily basis and started to see my transformation occurring. In addition to losing weight and feeling a sense of peace and serenity within myself, Bikram Yoga eliminated back pains that stemmed from my 20 years as a professional hairstylist.

I want to share my experience and help students to enjoy the process on the way to well-being, getting happier, stronger, more confident and much, much more.